The best jokes as Harry Redknapp is confirmed as a contestant on I’m a Celebrity

Has already arrived in Australia.

There were jokes as Harry Redknapp was confirmed as a contestant on I'm a Celebrity 2018
(Image: James Boyes)

It’s official: Harry Redknapp will be a contestant on the new series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, starting November 18th on ITV.

The former Spurs, West Ham, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and QPR manager arrived in Australia on Sunday and will compete alongside such stars as Noel Edmonds and John Barrowman.

Football personalities to have previously appeared on the show include Dennis Wise, Jimmy Bullard and John Fashanu.

Needless to say, there were plenty of jokes as Harry Redknapp was confirmed for I’m a Celebrity 2018:






Harry Redknapp says hes never watched an episode of Im a Celebrity. On past form that means hes watched the lot, got the boxsets on dvd and has a couple of dogs called Ant and Dec who have £60k dingo dollars in a mysterious bank account in Belize.

— Bileys Mullet (@BileysMullet) November 13, 2018

“Witchetty Grub, Harry?”
Redknapp: “Triffic, triffic player.”

— Richard Cawley (@RichCawleySLP) November 13, 2018

💰🌴 Can't wait until Harry Redknapp goes to Kiosk Keith and ends up coming away with extra dingo dollars…#ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/ZsVdgbf18X

— The Sportsman (@TheSportsman) November 12, 2018


Can't wait for Dec Donnelly to mix his words "Harry Redknapp ruled out of this trial due to Tax Issues" #ImaCelebrity2018😉🌟 pic.twitter.com/rKWTGybLkB

— Barry Farrelly (@FarrellyBaz20) November 10, 2018

The complete irony that Harry Redknapp is scared of snakes 🐍 #Pompey pic.twitter.com/R3PoMVu0GA

— Jack (@jackgareth98) November 11, 2018

This time next week we’ll all be watching Harry Redknapp in the jungle wheeling & dealing for some biscuits at the kiosk whilst sneaking in Niko Kranjcar as his luxury item… pic.twitter.com/i2D9Z1FU3z

— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) November 11, 2018

Wonder how many Dingo Dollars it will cost @Redknapp to transfer in Niko Kranjčar to the jungle? #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/DdoGcN8TiF

— TheKitman.co.uk (@TheKitmanUK) November 13, 2018

Harry Redknapp when he realises he has bankrupted another club. pic.twitter.com/jZP6Owl1Dm

— Chris Lewis (@ChrisTheLewis) November 12, 2018

Meanwhile, Harry Redknapp practices for his sexy ”I’m a Celeb” shower scene. 🚿🍆
Goodnight! 😘x pic.twitter.com/X2llB6Hfvi

— 🐑🖤Julie King 💙 (@juliek1712) November 12, 2018


— Madrid Zone (@Elismpj) November 13, 2018


The only way Harry Redknapp should be arriving in the jungle pic.twitter.com/lzjZ7uXtoG

— Steven (@chapstar09) November 12, 2018

"I even tried to sign him from AC Milan once" pic.twitter.com/F5hswBrFlT

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) November 12, 2018


Oh I should’ve never announced my retirement… pic.twitter.com/wKOs8fSKnQ

— Rafael van der Vaart (@rafvdvaart) November 13, 2018

Harry Redknapp has been confirmed for the newest season of @imacelebrity

🤣 We couldn’t talk to the man himself, so we made do with another red-head Matt Harrold.

Have a great series Harry! 🙌#LOFC #OnlyOneOrient pic.twitter.com/paZZGU9FpC

— Leyton Orient (@leytonorientfc) November 12, 2018

We all know what @Redknapp luxury item is going to be…@petercrouch 😂😂😂#ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/DdSvIfvg9o

— Zoe Pearson (@Z_PearsonTHFC) November 13, 2018