The best jokes as Germany beat Italy on penalties in Euro 2016 quarter-final

Germans triumph after bizarre shoot-out to set up semi-final against France or Iceland.

Manuel Neuer starred as Germany beat Italy on penalties
HERO: Neuer (Image: Steindy)

These were the best jokes as Germany beat Italy on penalties following a 1-1 draw in the quarter-finals of the European Championships.

A bizarre shoot-out featuring no less than seven misses was required to separate the two teams after a tense encounter, in which Arsenal’s Mesut Özil gave the Germans a lead that was cancelled out by Leonardo Bonucci’s spot kick.

A semi-final against France or Iceland awaits the victors, but for now take a look at this selection of the best jokes from Germany 1-1 Italy:

#GERITA Winner gets a trade deal.

— Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) July 2, 2016

You can kiss your banks goodbye you f***ers. #GERITA

— Angela Merkel (@Queen_Europe) July 2, 2016

"If we lose I will touch every of you"

— Adelisa (@Frau_Boateng) July 3, 2016

looking forward to the managers taking their pens #GERITA

— Rick Edwards (@rickedwards1) July 2, 2016

Day 27
"I have been here for days, it appears that no one will actually win this shoot out. Tell my wife I love her". #GERITA

— Dom Graham (@GuitaristDom) July 2, 2016

Someone's going to try and head one in #GERITA

— Stephen Mangan (@StephenMangan) July 2, 2016

Iceland would win this #GERITA

— Richard Osman (@richardosman) July 2, 2016

They've been practicing convincing misses! Poor things terrified of facing Aron. #GerIta #ICELANDSMITES

— Reykjavík Grapevine (@rvkgrapevine) July 2, 2016

Why bother with 120 mins of football? This is brilliant! #GERITA

— Jim White (@JimWhite) July 2, 2016

The Germans are going to regret hiring that English penalty coach. #GERITA

— Channel 4 (@Channel4) July 2, 2016

These penalties all remind me of when I'm walking in a park and people ask me to kick their ball back to them. Total. Hot. Mess. #GERITA

— Count Snooku (@QueerDiscOx) July 2, 2016

At this moment I feel like I can understand what both German and Italian people are saying.. #GERITA

— Quade Cooper (@QuadeCooper) July 2, 2016

Watching #GERITA penalty was pic.twitter.com/k3QCiEjDfn

— Kristin. (@Krirstin) July 2, 2016

The start of the #GERITA game.
The end of the #GERITA game. pic.twitter.com/q182StS82e

— Amanda (@Pandamoanimum) July 2, 2016

Everyone watching like.. #GERITA pic.twitter.com/piG5PlLR9L

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) July 2, 2016

Top causes for heart-attacks:
1) High cholesterol
2) Smoking
3) Penalty shootouts#GERITA

— Raz (@raztweets) July 2, 2016

This shootout is like when you play FIFA drunk with your mate. #GerIta

— Adam (@AdamofAlbion) July 2, 2016

#GERITA penalty taking quality: pic.twitter.com/rxtmHQ7vTp

— Jimbo Loony (@JimboLoony) July 2, 2016

The real winners of tonight's match are the lads who told their missus " I'll be home when the game is over love".. .#HeapOfPints #GERITA

— Rory's Stories (@RorysStories) July 2, 2016

Apart from being a total f***ing shambles and Germany winning in the end, that shootout was nothing like the European Union. #GERITA

— Angela Merkel (@Queen_Europe) July 2, 2016

That's how you close out a big game. Said no one. #GERITA

— James Cybulski (@JamesCybulski) July 2, 2016

You missed a penalty! You and You! And You too! #GERITA pic.twitter.com/kiZuNaX1de

— Bruce (@GhantaGuy) July 2, 2016

Silvio texted, wants us to bomb Berlin. #GERITA

— Soviet Sergey (@SovietSergey) July 2, 2016

When the pizza guy knock the door #GERITA pic.twitter.com/xPYqNGpOPB

— simran kaur (@simran_Gulabo) July 2, 2016

When you've got to take a penalty but you've got your GCSE maths exam in the morning #GERITA pic.twitter.com/YxA4dOEmzj

— Katie (@katiesbirel) July 2, 2016

Jonas Hector leaving the stadium tonight like.. #GERITA pic.twitter.com/qVx9yICxwa

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) July 2, 2016

Darmian's facial hair is ultimately what cost him. #Shocker #GERITA

— Balls.ie (@ballsdotie) July 2, 2016

Which way do you want to shoot?…. Really??!? That way?!?! #GERITA pic.twitter.com/RIa0BN6jcu

— Sean O'Connor (@seandoconnor) July 3, 2016

Best scene of the game! #GERITA pic.twitter.com/3FnHfuIVgW

— 27 (@_sabriinaxo_) July 3, 2016

It's not quite Romeo & Juliet…

…But there's a love story developing on a balcony in Bordeaux ahead of #GERITA!https://t.co/aSOGb77wWM

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) July 2, 2016