The best jokes as Wales beat Belgium in Euro 2016 quarter-final

Sensational result sends Welsh pride soaring into the next round.

Welsh sheep, thrilled with the Euro 2016 quarter-final result and the best jokes after Wales 3-1 Belgium

Here are all the best jokes after Wales 3-1 Belgium, a sensational Euro 2016 quarter-final result that sent Welsh pride soaring into the next round.

In a game that will be remembered for years, all three Welsh goals created special moments – Ashley Williams’s first-half equaliser, Hal Robson-Kanu’s skillful strike and Sam Vokes’s late header.

As the only home nation left in the competition overcome the seemingly unlikely, these are the best jokes after the Wales 3-1 Belgium Euro 2016 quarter-final:

@BBCMOTD pic.twitter.com/KIgV61UJnY

— Heterokont (@Heterokont) July 1, 2016

Take that, Brussels! #WALBEL

— David Jones (@DavidJonesMP) July 1, 2016

Text from Charles: "Prince of Wales. Just saying." #WALBEL

— Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) July 1, 2016

All of Belgium right now… https://t.co/3wXamBDxgn #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/UWxUwfseLB

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) July 1, 2016

Savage's commentary can now only be heard by dogs #WALBEL

— James Lockwood (@EnfieldTiger) July 1, 2016

For Vokes sake!!!!!!!! Brilliant 🐲 #WALBEL

— Mandy Henry (@MandyHenryMedia) July 1, 2016

They'll be dancing in the streets of unpronounceable locations tonight! #WALBEL

— Chris Thompson (@thompsuk) July 1, 2016

This is absolute agony for Felaini's dad #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/xR4ChjKQdR

— Stephen Mangan (@StephenMangan) July 1, 2016

They voted to leave, but I'm glad they're remaining. #WALBEL

— David McKibbin (@creditplumber) July 1, 2016

This is literally the greatest football match I've seen in about a thousand years. #WALBEL

— lisamarks (@lisamarks) July 1, 2016

They'll be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight. Unbelievable. #WALBEL #WAL #EURO2016

— Stu Bennett (@StuBennett) July 1, 2016

That's all, Vokes! #WALBEL

— Howard Goodall (@Howard_Goodall) July 1, 2016

Several million England supporters are currently checking their birth certificates to see if they are actually Welsh. #WALBEL #EURO2016

— Angry Salmond (@AngrySalmond) July 1, 2016

I can barely tweet because of tears on the screen. #WALBEL #circlethewagons

— Dougie Vipond (@DougieVipond) July 1, 2016

Could we have a viral video of the England team watching this game please? #WALBEL

— Nils Moojen (@Piwikie) July 1, 2016

Come on west England!!! #WALBEL

— katoi (@katoi) July 1, 2016

Somewhere Welshman Tom Jones is singing "Deilah" at the top of his lungs. #WALBEL

— Maximiliano Bretos (@mbretosESPN) July 1, 2016

DragonBalls #WALBEL

— Wolff Fuss (@WolffFuss) July 1, 2016

Wales be like… #WALBEL #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/Ia9H2aCt7I

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) July 1, 2016

Imagine a daffodil stamping on a waffle for all eternity #walbel

— Zosia Silarska (@willknitforwine) July 1, 2016


— Mattallwright (@Mattallwright) July 1, 2016

Happiest I've ever been in a newsagents #WALBEL #Wales pic.twitter.com/lhtgcN9gV9

— Gareth Hathway (@hath79) July 1, 2016

Worried that Bale is gonna drink all the #RonaldoTears for himself in the semi. #WALBEL #WAL #BEL #POR #ISL #EURO2016

— Reykjavík Grapevine (@rvkgrapevine) July 1, 2016

A Wale of a match.#WALBEL

— Ivan the K™ (@IvanTheK) July 1, 2016

Just need Hear No Evil to complete the set #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/GMpkTjGVWo

— Paul Chambers-Tonner (@pauljchambers) July 1, 2016

I've never been a fan of Brussels Pouts. #WALBEL

— Dean Nimbly (@Dean_Nimbly) July 1, 2016

This makes up for that really annoying bloke from that call centre.#WALBEL

— Jamie Reed (@jreedmp) July 1, 2016

Well that certainly didn't drag-on. #hereallweek #WALBEL

— Channel 4 (@Channel4) July 1, 2016

It IS unusual. #WALBEL

— Terry Stiastny (@terrystiastny) July 1, 2016

BBC commentator just said "… in the history of British football."

LOL. Give the Isles credit because it's been a rough week?#WALBEL

— Anup Kaphle (@AnupKaphle) July 1, 2016

Wales and England in puppy form.#WALBEL pic.twitter.com/RHwKg7zKGL

— Mrs Stephen Fry (@MrsStephenFry) July 1, 2016

Changing my name to Sophia Jones tonight #WALBEL

— Sophia Cannon (@SophiaCannon) July 1, 2016

Wales prove its possible to lose 48% to 52% and still stay in Europe #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/eWhbcJBbD9

— Euan McMorrow (@EuanMcMorrow) July 1, 2016

Photography Spinner-rooni??!! Why not? #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/QaCcfUJSrw

— Ginger Pirlo (@ToonBano) July 1, 2016

That photographer #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/2LHgaTbltq

— Ross Phillips (@_RossPhillips) July 1, 2016

#WALBEL #Welsh fans like… pic.twitter.com/x5thTtH6T4

— KanteFacts (@Ngolokantefacts) July 1, 2016

Wales on fire, all the sheep are terrified

— Sibs (@SibsMUFC) July 1, 2016

Credit to Wales for finding a way to stick it to Brussels that doesn't involve making Nigel Farage happy#WALBEL

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) July 1, 2016

I want this for my birthday Sod being English! ⚽️ #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/GK33ZRmDE8

— Andy (@Andy_Bugby) July 1, 2016

66,156 – Number of people desperately trying to find the little scrap of paper that says they have Wales in their office sweepstake. Chance.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) July 1, 2016

Mad scenes in #Wales #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/21sj2NwkIB

— Sharjeel™ (@shxrjeel) July 1, 2016

The proudest parents in Wales tonight pic.twitter.com/1V3oB1abuh

— Iain Duff (@iainduff) July 1, 2016

That why #Wales won. Love always wins! #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/s5IXcPrWxZ

— Michel Linthorst (@7LifeSkills_org) July 1, 2016

i can always say i visited Wales before it went main stream

— Jonathan SacconeJoly (@JonathanJoly) July 1, 2016

If you want to understand Wales, I just kissed a random baby outside the ground and the mother said 'I used to work with your mum'

— Elis James (@elisjames) July 1, 2016

Wales managed to stay in Europe and they didn't even need a Bale out. #WALBEL

— Oonagh (@Okeating) July 1, 2016

I'm not gonna lie to you, Stace, I'm getting bladdered tonight! #WALBEL pic.twitter.com/r2jFpd6Llk

— Rob Smith (@RobsterSM) July 1, 2016

When you can't quite believe you've made the semi-final. #WALBEL #EURO2016 #WAL pic.twitter.com/TbmFJaSsna

— UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) July 1, 2016

In 6 days Wales have won as many tournament knockout games as England have in 20 years. #WALBEL

— Colm O'Regan (@colmoregan) July 1, 2016

Don't know why Wales are going mental, I get a semi four times a day. Hello.

— Flav (@Flav_Bateman) July 1, 2016

hurry up with m4 relief road. Don't want #Wales players hitting their heads in the Brynglas tunnel on an open top bus

— Rupert Evelyn (@rupertevelyn) July 1, 2016

First time I've been in Wales. Is it always like this?

— Callum McCaig MP (@callum_mccaig) July 1, 2016



Just hope all this fuss about Wales in the euros doesn't put the price up on the crazy golf on West Shore in Llandudno.That'd be a travesty.

— John Ludden (@Johnludds) July 1, 2016

Wales fans current moods pic.twitter.com/AGkLe5r1pO

— sam (@IwobiFlick) July 1, 2016