The best jokes as Germany are knocked out of Euro 2020 by England

The hosts strike twice late on to reach the quarter finals of the competition.

Joachim Löw won't want to see the tweets and jokes as Germany are knocked out of Euro 2020 by England following a 2-0 defeat at Wembley
(Image: YouTube/Bundesliga & 2.Bundesliga Stimmen)

Germany have been eliminated from Euro 2020 following a 2-0 defeat to England in the round of 16.

Joachim Löw’s German side were comprehensively beaten at a raucous Wembley Stadium in London on Tuesday evening.


— Simon Lawson (@MrSiLaw) June 29, 2021

Absolutely love how Prince George, who is literally related to the woman the song is about, couldn't care less to sing the national anthem lmao #ENGGER pic.twitter.com/Lfm13dnrx7

— Niklas (@nicksenic) June 29, 2021

On the day, the visitors rarely threatened as they succumbed to their first loss to England at a major tournament since 1966.

These were the best of the tweets and jokes as Germany are knocked out of Euro 2020 by England:


HEARTWARMING: English fans celebrate their victory over Germany by vandalising a charity shop pic.twitter.com/1ACyyUL7IA

— Not the RTÉ News (@notthertenews) June 29, 2021

Great seeing little Prince George getting into the England-Germany game today #EURO2020 pic.twitter.com/HhV7ErGVPQ

— Gazzif (@Gazzif1) June 29, 2021

News of England’s victory over Germany reaches SNP headquarters. pic.twitter.com/r47Ij1M3lD

— Seville Calculator (@SevilleCalculat) June 29, 2021

Just the average neutral Scotsman watching the game… #ENGGER #EURO2020 #ger pic.twitter.com/UAFxkqO9FL

— Gordie (@just_Gordie) June 29, 2021


All of Ireland and Scotland just shouted "cunts" at the same time. #GERENG

— Páidí Mac ☭ (@TheFlag0fWar) June 29, 2021

Grealish vs Germany highlights. pic.twitter.com/EL6Ek626Fg

— – (@AnfieldRd96) June 29, 2021

This kind of violent language is just uncalled for.
It’s a game not a war, Germany. https://t.co/Lpn3QvWJJE

— Tom ItsComingHomewood (@tomhfh) June 29, 2021

‘Faking ell maybe black lives do matter’ pic.twitter.com/OmmvN3PcQm

— Quashie (@EtoBedlam) June 29, 2021

normalize blaming ed sheeran for germany's loss

— alyx⁷ (@raspberrymyg) June 29, 2021


Meet Germany’s new captain. He’s called Juergen and he’s flying them back to Berlin in the morning. #Euro2021 pic.twitter.com/gYH3YMK617

— #Marcher (@MarcherLord1) June 29, 2021


Luke shaw distracting the Germans with his thickness

— . (@BodegaaCat) June 29, 2021

Been invited to a work meeting tomorrow morning which is just me and four Germans pic.twitter.com/WCaMc0Ozoi

— John Burn-Murdoch (@jburnmurdoch) June 29, 2021

Oh my God. England have beaten the bloody Germans. Can’t wait to see Angela Merkel’s face when she meets @ borisjohnson at Chequers

— Andrew Pierce (@toryboypierce) June 29, 2021

Germans invented the bicycle but you never hear them singing about the Tour de France coming come…. or the the Indians going on about the 9 years of hurt since they last won the Chess world championship…

— Otto English (@Otto_English) June 29, 2021




I’m in Majorca full of Germans and one of them has just unplugged the television in the bar. Inject it

— Sam (@samdh9_) June 29, 2021

My parents paused the football to break for dinner and walk the dog. Nothing interrupts the routine of a forty year marriage. #ENGGER

— Francesca Baker (@andsoshethinks) June 29, 2021



— euros out of context (@footballscomin) June 29, 2021

What a photo, goosebumps. pic.twitter.com/Fm9Hg7ofim

— Jarred (@JarredLfc) June 29, 2021



A man graciously comes up to the press box:

"I've got a headline for you: 'England 2-0 Germany'. Close your laptops. Let's go get f**ked."

— Miguel Delaney (@MiguelDelaney) June 29, 2021


The Wembley cameraman zooming in on a German kid crying.#EnglandvGermany pic.twitter.com/MwZ0DpLaai

— Tony Montana (@tonymontanaATH) June 29, 2021