The best jokes as France are knocked out of Euro 2020 by Switzerland

Kylian Mbappé sees crucial spot kick saved.

Didier Deschamps won't want to see the tweets and jokes as France are knocked out of Euro 2020 by Switzerland on penalties in the round of 16
(Image: YouTube/TheBeanyman)

Didier Deschamps’s France were beaten by Switzerland on penalties in the round of 16 and eliminated from Euro 2020.

Following a thrilling 3-3 draw after extra time, Switzerland scored all five of their penalties before Kylian Mbappé missed the final spot kick for the French at the National Arena in Bucharest.

Swiss TV presenter reacting to the decisive shot pic.twitter.com/C4JGu5m2de

— Matti Meta (@matt_meeta) June 28, 2021

The Swiss, managed by Vladimir Petkovic, slipped into the next round as one of the best teams who placed third in the groups and secured the biggest shock of the tournament on Monday night as they came back from two goals down in the final ten minutes.

These are the best tweets and jokes as France are knocked out of Euro 2020 by Switzerland:

Switzerland had an unfair advantage playing in front of a neutral crowd.

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) June 28, 2021

Script update. That wasn't in it. More as it emerges. #FRASUI pic.twitter.com/TQa3CXw0PJ

— KP (@bingohandjob_) June 28, 2021

so will now France ask for a drug test for Switzerland players or…?#EURO2020 #FRASUI #FranceSuisse #FranciaSvizzera pic.twitter.com/tAynVQIYFY

— fran (@rmblogs) June 28, 2021

Anarchy in the Switzerland after winning the penalty shootout. #FRASUI pic.twitter.com/zpCjmQclmw

— Operateur (@operateur) June 28, 2021

87 mins / 91 mins / final whistle #FRASUI pic.twitter.com/J3YIPfweSI

— Ali Gray (@The_Shiznit) June 28, 2021

GIVE XHAKA MY VACCINE #EURO2020 #FranceSuisse #FRASUI pic.twitter.com/CJbGgYUvAd

— waziri wa fujo (@itsminabo_) June 28, 2021

You could say France have got that Sommertime sadness #FRASUI #EURO2020 pic.twitter.com/05T4KiMzI0

— Cam (@camsfc7) June 28, 2021


Not since the Swiss defeated & slew the Duke of Burgundy at the battle of Nancy in 1477 etc etc etc…#FRASUI

— Tom Holland (@holland_tom) June 28, 2021

ah shitttt, here we go again #FRASUI pic.twitter.com/h2M9eqNBtZ

— daria | blind channel era (@blinderpugh) June 28, 2021

“When I spoke to Didier Deschamps after the match, he said he didn’t like the result, but he had to go along with it.” #FRASUI pic.twitter.com/rLiSCOhNo5

— Sodajerker (@sodajerker) June 28, 2021


I've done a 3D graph of how it has felt to be a Swiss fan during this match.#FRASUI pic.twitter.com/ZslvXXZYRF

— Phlegm Clandango (@Cain_Unable) June 28, 2021

Man of the Match, the blond lad in the Swiss midfield with the same name as that Arsenal player. #FRASUI

— simon crosse (@simoncrosse) June 28, 2021


Best game of football I’ve watched in hours this… #FRASUI #EURO2020

— Samantha Quek (@SamanthaQuek) June 28, 2021


I love football, how it turns on a centime #FRASUI

— Richard Coles (@RevRichardColes) June 28, 2021

Mbappe has a drinking problem. pic.twitter.com/7HinMVZs2m

— Jon (@SorcererMilk) June 28, 2021

Look, you can criticise Switzerland for a lot but their flag is a big plus. #FRASUI

— Jack Tindale (@JackTindale) June 28, 2021

"This France comeback after the penalty miss has been incredible!"

"Yeah, it's really something" pic.twitter.com/hi8TDHCh28

— Patrick Barclays (@EamoV1) June 28, 2021


Let's check back in with this guy pic.twitter.com/jnREyHNlPx

— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) June 28, 2021

Me switching from the France game to Love island pic.twitter.com/0JKojWUJAy

— Dios Mio (@Farda_Alphonso) June 28, 2021

Kante probably in the locker room just smiling

— stevanović (@supportsteven) June 28, 2021

You’ve put in a good shift son pic.twitter.com/G25wR5T106

— Kate Mason (@kvlmason) June 28, 2021


I’m not saying Mbappe deserved it but if you turn down a move to Arsenal there will be consequences

— gunnerblog (@gunnerblog) June 28, 2021

Gareth Barry would have buried that

— Memeulous (@Memeulous) June 28, 2021

Have a not all Heroes are made by Cadburys pun pic.twitter.com/8ypCpK5zL1

— Pena_Cartel (@Pena_Cartel) June 28, 2021