French fan stops drumming as France concede late equaliser to Switzerland at European Championships
(Image: Twitter/Roker Report)

VIDEO: Fan stops drumming as France concede while he’s facing the other way

Victory beat stopped in its tracks.

Howling pic.twitter.com/El4SwHehht

— Roker Report (@RokerReport) June 28, 2021

A French drummer in the stands abruptly cut short his victory drum as Switzerland scored a late equaliser against France at Euro 2020 on Monday.

It was a night of high drama at the National Arena in Bucharest as the Swiss fought back from 3-1 down to take the Round of 16 match to extra time.

The French drummer reacting to France conceding is (French) chef’s kiss. #France #FRASUI #fra #EURO2020 pic.twitter.com/pJOK3c7Bl2

— Tom Mitchell (@cakesthebrain) June 28, 2021

Mario Gavranović’s 90th minute goal drew the scores level, making a mockery of one supporter’s drumming in anticipation of progress to the quarter-finals.

As soon as he got wind of what had just happened he stopped and turned around to face the pitch, perhaps needing to check for himself.