The best jokes as England lose Nations League opener against Spain

Third consecutive defeat in all competitions.

There were many jokes as England lost 1-2 to Spain in their first Nations League match
(Image: Антон Зайцев/soccer.ru)

England were beaten at Wembley by Spain in their first ever UEFA Nations League match.

A 2-1 win for the visitors puts Gareth Southgate’s side bottom of League A Group 4 in the novel international competition.

It’s also the first time England have lost three games in a row for thirty years.

These were the best jokes as England lost 1-2 to Spain in the Nations League on Saturday night:

Gareth Southgate’s not wearing the waistcoat… WERE SCREWED!! #ENGSPA #ThreeLions pic.twitter.com/SXGQawb0qG

— Red Card Ranting (@redcardranting) September 8, 2018

Harry Kane and Dele Alli are both at their best when they’re allowed to work in tandem. The sooner Southgate stops fighting against that, both will improve in an England shirt. They’ve been kept apart long enough – this isn’t a Bollywood film, just let them be together…#ENGESP

— Raj Bains (@BainsXIII) September 8, 2018

Every time Kane touches the ball a gust of wind goes past me whispering ‘he should have squared it’ #ENGSPA #ENGESP pic.twitter.com/OSKYyHE7Z4

— Darius* (@Dariussanjoori) September 8, 2018

Have Liverpool fans travelled to Wembley in their tens of thousands just to boo Sergio Ramos? #engesp

— Sam Street (@samstreetwrites) September 8, 2018

Mourinho breakdancing at Wembley #ENGESP #Bboystance pic.twitter.com/jwvJ4Zic92

— Average Striker (@AverageStriker) September 8, 2018


Even the man on the advertising screen didn't like that challenge #ENGESP pic.twitter.com/kecEnHteqJ

— Eddie (@Edster66) September 8, 2018


Poor Luke Shaw has suffered concussion, but Martin Tyler saying:
'Isco riskily, risco' is the worst thing to have happened in this match so far.#ENGSPA

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 8, 2018

We’re losing because Southgate isn’t wearing a waistcoat.

Pass it on. #ENGESP

— hollseey (@hollseey) September 8, 2018



So that's what Jose has been doing on his phone all night… #ENGESP pic.twitter.com/fvVBzOpDcT

— SportsJOE (@SportsJOEdotie) September 8, 2018


My four year old nephew asked me "Uncle Tone, why doesn't the referee give England a ball of their own to play with ?"
I told him Spain would take that one off them as well #ENGSPA

— Tony (@MURRAYTone) September 8, 2018

Ginger Spice has let herself go a bit these days #ENGSPA pic.twitter.com/apPpjRyfDA

— Des Johnson (@therealdesj) September 8, 2018

Why can't De Gea allow his Manchester United counterpart Rashford score him. Is that how you treat a friend?

— Peter Dowell (@rockdowell) September 8, 2018

I know nothing about football but I’m absolutely certain that this ref is a twat #ENGESP

— Courtney (@_courtneynixon) September 8, 2018

There are people in witness protection that aren’t as safe as goalkeepers these days. #ENGESP

— Stav (@AndyWilmot1) September 8, 2018

The last time England lost 3 consecutive competitive games was……complete guess: 1988 Euros? It’s coming home.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) September 8, 2018

Gareth put your waistcoat on #ENGSPA

— Jade (@_BubbaIicious) September 8, 2018