The best jokes as Ryan Giggs’s Wales beat Ireland 4-1 in Nations League tie

Former Man Utd teammates face each other on opposite benches.

Wales beat Republic of Ireland 4-1 in the UEFA Nations League in Ryan Giggs's first game in charge and there were jokes
(Image: Jon Candy)

Wales beat Republic of Ireland 4-1 in Ryan Giggs’s first competitive match as manager, a League B Group 4 game in the UEFA Nations League.

The Man Utd legend’s Welsh side got off to a flyer in the competition, going some way towards avenging last year’s World Cup playoff defeat to Martin O’Neill’s men.

Goals from Tom Lawrence, Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and Connor Roberts secured the win at the Cardiff City Stadium on Thursday night, Shaun Williams scoring for the Irish.

Now here are the best jokes as Ryan Giggs’s Wales beat Ireland 4-1 in the UEFA Nations League:

The Danish Futsal/Students only lost 3-0 last night. #WALIRL

— karl spain (@karlkingov) September 6, 2018


Declan Rice's father trying to not let him look at the TV. #WALIRL pic.twitter.com/EZdh6GWgVL

— Balls.ie (@ballsdotie) September 6, 2018

Republic Of Ireland have less chance of getting back into this game, than Ryan Giggs getting an invite to his brothers birthday.

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) September 6, 2018

I think the last time I was this embarrassed to be Irish was when we had Jedward on Eurovision #WALIRL

— Barry O'Sullivan (@barryos99) September 6, 2018

I'm starting to know how Giggs' brother felt.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 6, 2018

I for one welcome our new Welsh overlords #WALIRL

— Dave Meade (@davemeade93) September 6, 2018


Mick McCarthy is starting to show his age #WALIRL #COYBIG pic.twitter.com/lCSFjhhVmO

— Peter Clarke (@Stuttgart1988) September 6, 2018


Give it McCarthy til the end of the season. #WALIRL

— Ronan Murphy (@swearimnotpaul) September 6, 2018

The Welsh have no culture? You’ve got no midfield #WALIRL

— Andrew Davies (@andrewthedavies) September 6, 2018


Burt Reynolds knew Ramsey was going to score tonight. #WALIRL

— Grav Prosser (@GravProsser) September 6, 2018

They only way we're going to the Euros is on a Ryanair flight.#WALIRL

— Derek Murray (@derek6008) September 6, 2018

I thought it was the Denmark first team on strike….#WALIRL

— Eddie Hanley (@eddie_d2007) September 6, 2018



Martin O'Neil:"thanks for playing, how is ya sis in law"
Giggs": pic.twitter.com/37ewMqFwiO

— BluePorte (@AymericBlueport) September 6, 2018

Ryan Giggs for First Minister

— Dan Tyte (@dantyte) September 6, 2018


Callum Robinson? Never heard of the bloke but he sounds like the type of a guy who wouldn't be good enough to make it as a solo singer on the x-factor but would get put into a boyband and then struggle to make it out of judges houses #WALIRL

— Aliardo Skeffington (@TheSkeffington) September 6, 2018

When u want to shake hands with your former team mate and hes no where to be seen #WALIRL pic.twitter.com/8nXb0grjGm

— Kevin O'Hara (@HaraoharaO) September 6, 2018

So Roy Keane snubbed a handshake with Ryan Giggs after getting trounced 4-1 that's real classy if him. Nearly as classy as that time Ryan Giggs slept with his sister in law while his wife was giving birth to his child. #WALIRL

— Philip O'Reilly (@philthrill69) September 6, 2018

This is made all the worse by Ryan Giggs being a despicable man #WALIRE

— Andy Synnott (@andy_syn_8_) September 6, 2018


In fairness it's not every trip away that ends up with the holyhead ferry crossing being the highlight. #WALIRL

— Balls.ie (@ballsdotie) September 6, 2018

When you've just spanked Ireland 4-1 but can't remember if you switched the oven off before you left…#WALIRL pic.twitter.com/2cgperDDHb

— Gav Murphy (@cymrogav) September 6, 2018