The best jokes as England beat the Swiss 1-0 in lacklustre friendly at King Power Stadium

Gareth Southgate's side avoid a fourth consecutive defeat.

There were lots of jokes from England 1-0 Switzerland friendly at the King Power
(Image: Кирилл Венедиктов/soccer.ru)

England managed a 1-0 win over Switzerland in a friendly match at the King Power on Monday night in the second of two matches over the international break.

Gareth Southgate’s side managed to stop the rot after three consecutive defeats, most likely aware the national team have never lost four in a row.

The visitors dominated much of a slow first-half in Leicester but a Marcus Rashford volley, not long after half-time, was enough for England.

After a dull tie that many complained was not available on terrestrial television, these are the best of the jokes from England 1-0 Switzerland:


The rest of the England squad when Danny Welbeck arrives after a call up #ENGSUI pic.twitter.com/n2ZInB5LAo

— Thomas Jones (@tomj191) September 11, 2018

Poor Shaqiri, put next to the tall mascot #ENGSUI pic.twitter.com/WJafafPJ9O

— Marc Brown (@QuestionMarc85) September 11, 2018

The first minute of hearing "Southgate you're the one" vs the last 20 fucking minutes#ENGSUI pic.twitter.com/X8rQwg2U1j

— Jen (@Jennifer1906) September 11, 2018


Best thing about this first half is that my glade auto spray has gone off twice. #ENGSUI

— rnbolsy (@rnbolsy) September 11, 2018


Maguire: "I'll just smash it yeah"#ENGSUI pic.twitter.com/5dphQC9kyf

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) September 11, 2018

I've seen my wardrobe move better than Dier #ENGSUI

— Ben (@bacspace88) September 11, 2018


ugh the only thing loftus-cheek has is good looks #ENGSUI

— liv ⛄️ (@marcusrashfood) September 11, 2018


I’m so angry that Lichtsteiner isn’t even from Liechtenstein #ENGSUI

— Yomi (@horiyourmeeh) September 11, 2018


Somebody’s caught the attention of Jamie Redknapp at the England match #ENGSUI pic.twitter.com/oeQBAUTfmL

— Martin Tooth (@Toothy73) September 11, 2018

Xherdan Shaqiri looks ready to face England tonight. #ENGSUI

— Historical Sport (@HistorySport_) September 11, 2018




I know one thing for sure…..
World Cup fever is 100% OVER #ENGSUI

— Mags (@mags171124) September 11, 2018

Being out played by a bunch of clockmakers#ENGSUI

— Shakerite (@shakerite66) September 11, 2018

Where are all the girls that were giving it the Barry big one in the boozers for the World Cup?

Haven’t seen any of them slinging pints down their Gregory with a rascal England shirt on for the friendlies🧐#ENG #ENGSUI #England

— Jamie Langley (@JayLangg) September 11, 2018

Seen better games of 3 and in#ENGSUI

— King Kenny Stand (@KingKennyStand) September 11, 2018

Why do football managers wear suits? Its not like they had a hard day in the office is it…southgates gluging drinks straight out the bottle,no guy in a suit drinks straight out the bottle…get a fucking glass man,or a fucking tracksuit. #ENGSUI

— im here all week (@wayne_robb) September 11, 2018

Most pointless things in the world #ENGSUI #ENGSWI pic.twitter.com/8r70D1M4Kq

— East Midland Reds © (@IlkestonRed) September 11, 2018

Look mate Eric is shit. Your gonna have to cover his arse. #ENGSUI pic.twitter.com/jJKTdrOB9P

— Shaun (@da_judge) September 11, 2018

When your mates at the bar with the drinks. @ladbible #ENGSUI pic.twitter.com/xgsujXpsHL

— Josh Ambrose (@Josh93Ambrose) September 11, 2018

#ENGSUI Even the crowd have gone silent, thankfully.

— Sparkysue (@sparkysue) September 11, 2018

We’re in serious need of a new England chant

— Lynsey Hipgrave (@lynseyhipgrave1) September 11, 2018


Kane comes on and immediately claims Rashfords goal #ENGSUI

— Chris (@Chris2lfc68) September 11, 2018