The best jokes as Joe Hart helps Man City to 0-0 draw with Real Madrid

Late save from Pepe at close range.

Joe Hart won't mind hearing the jokes after his praised performance in Manchester City's Champions League semi-final first leg 0-0 draw with Real Madrid
SAVED: Hart (Image: Голубович Дмитрий/soccer.ru)

These were the best jokes after a dominant Joe Hart performance helped Manchester City keep their Champions League semi-final first leg tie at home to Real Madrid down to a goalless draw on Tuesday night.

One late save in particular drew the plaudits as the England number one managed to block a shot from Pepe at close range, in what was widely regarded as a highlight of the otherwise dull game.

Here are all the best jokes about Joe Hart’s goalkeeping display in Manchester City’s Champions League semi-final first leg 0-0 draw with Real Madrid:

They need to build a Joe Hart statue at the Etihad. One that captures his disgust with his defenders after making a vital save.

— Zito (@_Zeets) 26 April 2016

Rah Joe Hart told them "Nah" 😂😂😂

— Made (@MadeManJama) 26 April 2016

I think Joe Hart thinks he is Degea tonight 😂😂 #MCFCvsRM

— Gary Spike OSullivan (@spike_osullivan) April 26, 2016

Joe hart better come up with these saves the euros.

— rapha3l (@l3ahpar) April 26, 2016

HOW DID JOE HART SAVE THAT!!!!!??? because Pepe kicked it right at him? lmao

— Chicharito (@notRonaIdo) 26 April 2016

Joe Hart #MCIRMA pic.twitter.com/pZvteufBij

— Canapé Football Club (@CanapeFC) 26 April 2016

Joe Hart making the type of save Man Utd fans pretend De Gea makes…

— Viva 12th. (@_The12thMan) 26 April 2016

Don't go breaking my #Hart #MCIRMA Vous l'avez ? @ChampionsLeague

— louvet (@BR_LOUVET) April 26, 2016

Joe Hart is what United fans pretend De Gea is

— ㅤㅤㅤ (@ThePepEra) 26 April 2016

Joe Hart. ⛔️ pic.twitter.com/yFIRESeYay

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) 26 April 2016

Saves like that are why Joe Hart is head and shoulders above other goalkeepers

— Andy Castell (@AJ3) 26 April 2016

Updated Hart Ranking. 1. Joe Hart 2. Kevin Hart. 3. Jennifer Hart

— Men in Blazers (@MenInBlazers) 26 April 2016

Joe Hart the straight at him merchant

— Juan Mata (@JuanMataTouch) 26 April 2016

Joe Hart doesn't need his hands to save the ball. He has feets. 😃 #MCIRMA

— highspiritniño (@highspiritninja) April 26, 2016

Now they know him by Hart. #MCIRMA pic.twitter.com/m8ygBYgR3p

— Krzysztof Marciniak (@Marciniak_k) April 26, 2016

The Brave (Hart)#MCIRMA pic.twitter.com/n6Tcf5SmGe

— محمد العتيبي (@7madeen_23) April 26, 2016

City fans: "Joe Hart is the best goalkeeper in the world."

Come on lads, he's not even the best goalkeeper in Manchester 🙈

— Aidan Walsh (@AidanMUFC_) 26 April 2016

Joe Hart to Hart

— David P Perlmutter (@davepperlmutter) 26 April 2016