The best jokes as Arsenal come back from 3-0 down to draw against Bournemouth

It ended 3-3 at the Vitality Stadium.

There were jokes as Arsenal come back from 3-0 down against Bournemouth to draw 3-3
Time for a cup of tea (Image: mikkelz)

These were the best jokes as Arsenal came back from 3-0 down against Bournemouth to draw 3-3 at the Vitality Stadium on Tuesday night.

Arsène Wenger’s side went in at the break with a two goal deficit and fans were despondent after they conceded again early in the second half.

But three goals in the last twenty minutes ensured Arsenal at least gained a point – and these are the best of the resulting jokes:

arsenal fan tv needs to be on netflix

— ㅤ (@TrapHouseFu) January 3, 2017

Would go and dig up all the Arsenal fans mocking us for losing to Bournemouth…….. but I might miss another goal lul

— Bateson87 (@bateson87) January 3, 2017

Arsenal set to stay in 4th. You simply cannot knock their complete refusal to try the 'New year, new me' craze.

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) January 3, 2017

Announce new contract for Wenger. @Arsenal

— Chelsea HQ (@Chelsea_HQ) January 3, 2017

Well played Arsenal init. #ARSBOU pic.twitter.com/DmjZOVDnXh

— Frimpon (@FrimponOnline) January 3, 2017

God forbid Arsenal are still doing this nonsense when I get married one day. Can't bring this misery into my marital home.

— Daryl E. (@daryl_ei) January 3, 2017

Bournemouth could now show just how ready Eddie Howe is for the Arsenal job by squandering a comfortable lead… #BOUvAFC

— Eoin Connolly (@eoinfconnolly) January 3, 2017


— ArsenalFanTV (@ArsenalFanTV) January 3, 2017

Arsenal saw Bournemouth were gonna get a 4th & started playing. No one gets 4th before them #MUFC

— The United Stand (@UnitedStandMUFC) January 3, 2017

If Arsenal equalise, I will dedicate my account to Fellani until we win the league

— Marouane Fellaini (@MesutOzil11088) January 3, 2017

If Arsenal equalise, I'll give whoever retweets this £10 via PayPal.

— Mohamed ELNneny (@ElNnenyM) January 3, 2017

Arsenal will definitely kill me one day and I'll cheer them on while they are doing it

— Daily Cannon (@DailyCannon) January 3, 2017

Chelsea- That night in Munich
Liverpool- That night in Istanbul
Man Utd- That night in Moscow
Arsenal- That night in Bournemouth

— was @StunningXhaka (@HenryEdition) January 3, 2017

87 – Percentage of Arsenal fans deleting their tweet saying they'll never come back from 3-0 down. Surprise.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) January 3, 2017

Can we do this please, thanks @Arsenal xo pic.twitter.com/o61KsUKbvO

— Felix. (@WittyGooner) January 3, 2017

It's amazing what Arsenal are willing to do to save Mustafi's unbeaten record.

— Aminul (@ArsenalRealm) January 3, 2017