The best jokes as Arsenal beat Bayern Munich 2-0 in UCL group stage win

Unexpected Champions League win against group favourites makes supporters happy.

Arsenal beat Bayern Munich 2-0 in Champions League Group F and many celebrated with jokes
CHEERFUL: Supporters (Image: wonker)

This truly is the greatest selection of jokes from Arsenal’s 2-0 Champions League group stage win against Bayern Munich at the Emirates on Tuesday night.

Arsenal fans from across the world basked in their team’s glory and celebrated the much-needed victory that keeps the side in with a chance of qualifying from Group F and progressing to the knock-out stages of the competition.

Generally contributed by excitable supporters, here are all the best jokes from Arsenal 2-0 Bayern Munich:

Arsenal 2 Bayern zip…. Giroud is already getting ready for his entrance at training tomorrow #ARSFCB #UCL pic.twitter.com/jsUXbTEPlk

— Copa90 (@Copa90) October 20, 2015

Ozil and Giroud looking at each other like: #Arsenal #COYG #arsenalvsbayern pic.twitter.com/XvTsbfY8iW

— Herman Eutic (@Pohleetakal) October 20, 2015

Arsenal squad travelling home like… https://t.co/VTZd9jzV7O

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) October 20, 2015

Team effort from the whole Arsenal squad there, respect to David Ospina for getting injured.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 20, 2015

Somewhere in the world a Arsenal fan woke up from a coma like this lmao pic.twitter.com/TCl2WzDyLf

— Roll Safe Yeahh (@MadeManJama) October 20, 2015

Tony Pulis had Arsenal in his #Acca tonight…. #AFCvsBAY pic.twitter.com/RMFMNeCki4

— Danny (@DannyBarnett77) October 20, 2015

Does this mean Arsenal are going to make a DVD? 👀

— James (@JamesMUFC77) October 20, 2015

Fantastic from Arsenal! pic.twitter.com/YO95ccRe63

— 8 Troll Football (@8TrollFootball) October 20, 2015

Kosc gets home empties pockets Car Keys Phone Wallet Lewandoski Muller Thiago Bayerns unbeaten run #Arsenal

— Steve (@goonersteve12) October 20, 2015

What time does Arsenal's open-top bus parade begin tomorrow? #UCL

— Coral (@Coral) October 20, 2015

@Arsenal error 404: lewendowski not found

— Evan (@FcbEvan) October 20, 2015

Arsenal fans right now pic.twitter.com/FMxPAXCmoH

— Troll Football (@Troll__Football) October 20, 2015

When you mention Arsenal to Manchester United fans pic.twitter.com/eOQX8twKuv

— Brian Mbunde ™ (@Brianmbunde) October 20, 2015

Like to think @Alex_OxChambo is in the changing room telling the lads he knew it was in & was just skying the ball in celebration. #Arsenal

— Arsene's Eyes (@Arsenes_Eyes) October 20, 2015

It just started raining here…The universe is crying tears of Joy for Arsenal

— Bill (@wilz_amazing) October 20, 2015

Koscielny doing some mathematics.. to figure out how good arsenal did lol :) pic.twitter.com/Vmo6y1tZxm

— Jon (@SantiCathorla) October 20, 2015

My little brother just said "I'm supporting arsenal" 😕😕😕😕 We're waiting for the ambulance now send him your prayers

— Juan Mata (@JuanMataTouch) October 20, 2015

I think I'm pregnant https://t.co/qEVG3P6QTc

— Wenger's Bödyguard (@nana_alaouie) October 20, 2015

Enemies of Arsenal can't explained how it happened! @Ayourb pic.twitter.com/7vU9GqlJ9w

— Tunde Babalola (@ogbenibabalola) October 20, 2015

Arsene's message to Mourinho #arsenal pic.twitter.com/ov1cXnqOHq

— Kwikky (@fit_kwik) October 20, 2015

If Arsenal advance, I'll paypal everyone who favorites this $50

— Alex (@fergodson) October 20, 2015

With that win, Arsenal are now Bottom of the group.

— Thiago (@JaguarWattley) October 20, 2015

The Arsenal changing room right now… pic.twitter.com/usdYSucTeP

— ?Football Cartoons? (@442oons) October 20, 2015

I am going to come out and say it straight up Arsenal are going to nearly win something big this season

— simon day (@simonday24) October 20, 2015

As an Arsenal fan, I take pride in being annoying.

— yukta ?? (@galacticgirrl) October 20, 2015

I've kept the Arsenal bags that they put on our seats, 'cause you know, they cost 5p now.

— Hayley (@HayleyWright) October 20, 2015

I take that back – Arsenal are still FOURTH. All documents remain valid. Continue celebrating. https://t.co/SS2qR40wBS

— kenna (@kennagq) October 20, 2015

99% of all Arsenal fans were born on the highway because that´s where most accidents happen

— max (@alabapace) October 20, 2015

Charlie Nicholas reaction to Arsenal beating Bayern on Sky Sports tonight #AFC pic.twitter.com/pMVTN2LwIn

— CÖME ÖN ARSENAL (@davidhickman14) October 20, 2015

Some great saves from Petr Cech tonight. On behalf of Arsenal fans worldwide, I say Thank you @ChelseaFC

— Arsenal News (@__arsenalnews_) October 20, 2015

I'm watching the Arsenal match again to know if Lewi will score

— Nkemakonam (@jiinduu) October 20, 2015

"I can't see lewandowski!! Where is he?" pic.twitter.com/z7G1dJGkki

— RSF/AFC (@Reala_Arsenal) October 20, 2015

Forget Netflix. Tonight, it's Arsenal highlights and chill.

— 1886 (@1886_blog) October 20, 2015

Arsenal are now unbeaten since their last defeat

— JB™ (@gunnerpunner) October 20, 2015

I Dedicate My Sleep tonight to the entire Arsenal Team- Players, Physios, Cleaners, Security personnel, Ball Boyz. ds Sleep is for @arsenal

— ReTweet LORD! (@CodyBenks) October 20, 2015

Confirmed concrete evidence that Arsenal would win the Treble every single season playing in the Bundesliga.

— JamesGooner88 (@JamesGooner88) October 20, 2015

How arsenal fans will sleep tonight: pic.twitter.com/MLPkXb74sW

— Özil (@WoodenBoy_) October 20, 2015

A little bird told me Ozil doesn't show any passion. Must have been a stupid bird. pic.twitter.com/YDQaHa9vI4

— Planet Arsenal (@Planet_Arsenal) October 20, 2015

Robin Van Persie watching Arsenal at home. pic.twitter.com/exJgd1Ipzy

— Arsenal News (@TheAfcWay) October 20, 2015

Just been told the Arsenal squad are being questioned at Tolpuddle Street police station, over the disappearance of 11 tourists from Munich.

— Özilesque (@Calum36Chambers) October 20, 2015


— Chris (@chrismd10) October 20, 2015