The best jokes as Steve Evans is appointed head coach of Leeds United

Larger-than-life character becomes Massimo Cellino's sixth manager since taking control of the club.

Steve Evans has been appointed head coach of Leeds United and we've collected the best jokes
CELLINO’S SIXTH: Evans (Image: YouTube/Rotherham United Football Club)

Out with the old and in with the new, these are the best jokes as Steve Evans becomes head coach of Leeds United following Uwe Rösler’s departure earlier the same day.

The larger-than-life character joins a long list of six managers that have been in charge of the team since the equally charismatic Massimo Cellino took control of the club in April 2014.

Don’t miss the best jokes as Steve Evans returns to football management with his appointment as head coach of Leeds United on Monday afternoon:

Steve Evans is taking us to Benidorm for preseason, and I for one can't wait.

— Dan (@lufc_dan) October 19, 2015

Steve Evans – the clues were there people #lufc pic.twitter.com/YqI3wBo8On

— Mags (@deadbloke) October 19, 2015

We're capping away tickets to 2,000 because Steve Evans will be sat in the away end with us.

— Dan (@lufc_dan) October 19, 2015

Can we not just kill the club at this point? Maybe that's the idea. Maybe Steve Evans will eat the club.

— Eamo (@EamoV1) October 19, 2015

The thing to remember about Leeds appointing Steve Evans as manager is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

— Daniel Storey (@danielstorey85) October 19, 2015

"he's fat, he;s round, he's signed for Thirty Pounds…." #SteveEvans #LUFC

— James Brown (@jamesjamesbrown) October 19, 2015

The only thing less stable than Leeds United is Steve Evans' diet.

— Eamo (@EamoV1) October 19, 2015

Leeds owner Massimo Cellino appoints a kindred spirit as new manager; Steve Evans has also been successfully prosecuted for tax evasion.

— sportingintelligence (@sportingintel) October 19, 2015

Leeds have sacked Uwe Rosler, who will be replaced by Steve Evans, who will subsequently be replaced by Alan Curbishley in two weeks' time.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 19, 2015

Steve Evans on Cellino (October 2014) #lufc pic.twitter.com/7yysSqYAMx

— LeedsUtdPics (@LeedsUtdPics) October 19, 2015

Oh Steve Evans is favourite for #lufc job you say….. pic.twitter.com/3V3izTuTCe

— Mr Geldard (@MrJGeldard) October 19, 2015

Steve Evans chair has arrived in Leeds. #swfc #lufc #rufc #sufc pic.twitter.com/ci5OuKjzfu

— Chris melluish (@cmelluish9) October 19, 2015

BREAKING: Steve Evans arrives at Elland Road #LUFC pic.twitter.com/tRE5zawG7H

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) October 19, 2015

Steve Evans is a BTEC Sam Allardyce

— Nathan Jones (@Nathantenucci) October 19, 2015

This just made my day …. https://t.co/7LGecPeMaD

— Alex Narramore (@AlexNarramore10) October 19, 2015

Steve Evans right now… https://t.co/SoB0wHhmbH

— ThePositiveLeedsFan (@PositiveLufcFan) October 19, 2015

CELLINO IS BANNED!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂😂 http://t.co/Srif7msctW

— We Are Leeds (@weareleeds_) October 19, 2015

Leeds United's new manager, Steve Evans in 2013. pic.twitter.com/F8frvNZEmp

— FourFourTweet (@FourFourTweet) October 19, 2015

Steve Evans here, dressed as a pile of full bin bags. pic.twitter.com/1aES1oKiZ2

— Eamo (@EamoV1) October 19, 2015

Busy day for Leeds who have sacked Rosler, appointed Steve Evans and announced Bisto Gravy as their new sports drink partner.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 19, 2015

For me no Man is bigger than our club but looking At Steve Evans am not so sure ..😄😀😂

— Michael ( L.U.F.C ) (@Lufc_Michael_4) October 19, 2015

Correct #lufc fans? https://t.co/t6pu3IaA0i

— The72 (@FBL72) October 19, 2015