The best jokes after West Ham violence at London Stadium in EFL Cup Chelsea clash

Familiar scenes at club's new home in Stratford.

There were jokes after more West Ham violence at London Stadium in their EFL Cup clash with Chelsea
FIGHT NIGHT: London Stadium (Image: Gerard McGovern)

After further trouble erupted at West Ham’s London Stadium last night, towards the end of their 2-1 EFL Cup win over Chelsea, these are the best jokes.

A bounce back to form for the home team almost went off without a hitch, before it all kicked off again in familiar scenes as the full time whistle approached.

Making light of a sorry state of affairs at their new home in Stratford, here are the best of the jokes following more violence at the ground:

Rumours that West Ham and Chelsea firms agreed to meet a mile away from the match, unfortunately this was still in the stadium.

— AVFC Support (@SupportAVFC) October 26, 2016

I keep reading "EFL clash between West Ham and Chelsea" as "EDL clash between West Ham and Chelsea".

— RicheyRevol (@RicheyRevol) October 26, 2016

West Ham fans are throwing THEIR OWN seats at Chelsea fans. pic.twitter.com/FHIA6EATkk

— From The Stands (@FromTStands) October 26, 2016

Thankfully as we only rent, the damage to the stadium will be paid for by Great British public.

We thank you for your support.

— J.O'B (@chanceig) October 26, 2016

Seems that West Ham are still using the Olympic Stadium for field events such as the chair throw, longest throw 50p, longest throw £1 #CFC

— Andy H (@ChelsLad66) October 26, 2016

Ugly scenes at #WHUFC. Not for the first time… #WHUCHE pic.twitter.com/wqYfLfrptk

— 90sChelsea (@90schelsea) October 26, 2016

West Ham bulldozed their stadium, moved to a brand new one, and the one they bulldozed is still safer and in better condition.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) October 26, 2016

Despite his best efforts to go undetected, Boris Johnson got a bit lively at West Ham tonight. pic.twitter.com/FmdxbDHBqI

— Dan Gilbert (@DGDanielGilbert) October 26, 2016

@SkySportsNewsHQ is banning them from watching West Ham really a punishment though ??

— simon (@marmentos79) October 26, 2016

Putting it out there that West Ham have apologised for their fans' behaviour more times than sun'lun have won football matches this season 😂

— Chris (@Bettsy1Chris) October 26, 2016

West Ham having the Olympic stadium is the equivalent of Paul Gascoigne being given the keys to Buckingham Palace

— Bradley Puttock (@BradPuttock) October 26, 2016

"Is that West Ham?" pic.twitter.com/QglbbjCuZb

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) October 26, 2016

Kicking off between Westham/Chelsea pic.twitter.com/z4f8QFN3dQ

— Casual Saturdays (@CasualSaturdays) October 26, 2016

get on 'this is sparta' at west ham tonight. pic.twitter.com/7TFPixEG5i

— Glenn Kitson (@Glenn_Kitson) October 26, 2016

The I was bullied at West Ham Starter Pack. pic.twitter.com/z68evm0lCq

— ⚽️⚒ Tom's WHUFC ⚒⚽️ (@aldredtj) October 26, 2016

West Ham have the best hooligans. pic.twitter.com/ersn5MF6jT

— Dale (@DaleRobertsDR) October 26, 2016

@RobertBlaszczak West Ham can call it what they like. A lot of taxpayers call it 'theft'.

— Dan Levene (@danlevene) October 27, 2016