The best jokes as Manchester United lose 1-6 to José Mourinho’s Spurs

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær says it's his "worst day ever".

Scott McTominay can't believe the tweets and jokes after Manchester United 1-6 Spurs
(Image: YouTube/Man Utd)

Manchester United were beaten 6-1 at home by former manager José Mourinho’s Spurs on Sunday.

Despite Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s side initially going in front following a very early Bruno Fernandes penalty, they faced a battering from the visitors, starting with their equaliser just two minutes later.


With Tottenham already leading, United were reduced to ten men when Anthony Martial was sent off in controversial circumstances after he retaliated to an elbow from Érik Lamela, who only saw yellow.

These were the best tweets and jokes as Manchester United lose 1-6 to Spurs at Old Trafford:


Please friends, show some concern to our Manchester United friends, they need our sympathy and love morethan ever now. #MUNTOT

— Engr Udenze (@kennydenz) October 4, 2020


This will haunt me the entire season#MUFC #Muntot pic.twitter.com/3XXWV5itYr

— Manchester United Fan Club #mufc (@Manches60858025) October 4, 2020

Ed Woodward adding Son and Harry Kane in His Fantasy Team #MUNTOT #WoodwardOut pic.twitter.com/jg0hdnKlwh

— Joel Tete (@JoelTete7) October 4, 2020

Maguire must be gutted, he could be relaxing in a Greek jail right now. #muntot #lufc

— A Human Ape (@MrHominidae) October 4, 2020


The level of petty I strive for.. #MUNTOT pic.twitter.com/J4w9BM4sSs

— blaizer (@blaizer__) October 4, 2020



I wonder if I stay incredibly still people will think I’ve left the country #MUNTOT pic.twitter.com/BxUe9aw0Ln

— Dr marius mccloskey (@MariusMariusmcc) October 4, 2020


That’s it I’m no longer a Manchester United fan! An absolutely disgraceful performance yet again! In all my years as a football fan of this team I’ve never seen a group of players so lazy and pathetic. I’m becoming a Leeds fan. They play real football. Thankyou & goodbye.#MUNTOT

— Frank K. (@Dr_KinyuaF) October 4, 2020

At least #MUFC complied with the Rule of 6#Liverpool

— nazir afzal (@nazirafzal) October 4, 2020

You don't need to check livescores.
The score is written all over their faces. #MUNTOT pic.twitter.com/D0RZmHfSz1

— Victor Babatunde (@vhic_tore) October 4, 2020

"We didn't do as bad as Liverpool, eh" pic.twitter.com/YlLNtl7ncu

— Ched ♨️ (@GoonerChed) October 4, 2020

I don’t know this feeling. Refuse to accept this feeling or to even get use to this feeling.

— Usain St. Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) October 4, 2020

That’s it. That seals the deal. I’m no longer a Man Utd fan. I’ve been a United fan since 1989 and a season ticket holder since 1990. I will no longer watch on TV or renew my season ticket. I’m taking my fanhood to Sheffield where they actually know how to run a football club.

— konter (@CoachKonter) October 4, 2020