The best jokes as Southgate’s England manage just one shot on target in 0-0 draw with Scotland

Were booed off in first meeting between the two teams in a major tournament since 1996.

There were tweets and jokes after England 0-0 Scotland as manager Gareth Southgate was criticised
(Image: YouTube/WeShow Football)

Gareth Southgate’s England selection came in for a barrage of criticism after a lacklustre display against Scotland in a Euro 2020 group stage clash at Wembley.

Scotland secured their first point of the tournament with a 0-0 draw against England on Friday night in both sides’ second Group D match.


While Steve Clarke’s players took the game to the hosts, the opposition were considerably slow, dull and underwhelming in the much-hyped game between the auld rivals.

Here are the best of the tweets and jokes after England 0-0 Scotland as Southgate’s charges manage just one shot on target:

A plucky England side managed to hold on for a draw at Wembley. #ENGSCO

— James Dewar (@IndigoFast) June 18, 2021

In the end, boredom was the winner #ENGSCO

— Al Murray – DKMS.ORG.UK (@almurray) June 18, 2021

Boris just messaged me about the game… #ENGSCO pic.twitter.com/ZErglAJSki

— Rob Jeffries (@RobJeffries) June 18, 2021

Today in the big brother house Jack is pissed at Gareth pic.twitter.com/l2otL4pEIl

— LJ(Like limit) (@SAFCLJ25) June 18, 2021

Now take Foden & Kane off but leave Sterling on….#ENGSCO #CLOWNWORLD #southgateout pic.twitter.com/9vlKq0Y7CJ

— Mic Miller (@BaronVonSaltpot) June 18, 2021

Taking foden off because there can only be one fun player on at a time

— Jonny Singer (@Jonny_Singer) June 18, 2021

I think my favourite type of music is the sweet, sweet sound of England fans booing another one of their teams they've accidentally overhyped again. #ENGSCO

— Tadhg (@TadhgHickey) June 18, 2021



If Gareth Southgate has kids. I can tell the never been Thorpe Park.

Boring dad.

— Poet (@poetscorneruk) June 18, 2021

Turns out it was all down to the waistcoat.

— Jim Daly (@jimdalycomedy) June 18, 2021

Haven’t seen Kane go missing like this since I read Genesis in the Bible.

— Ole Gunnar Scamskjær (@Nigerianscamsss) June 18, 2021

Just saw an England fan drinking handfuls of water out of a puddle like it’s the fucking apocalypse.

— Holly Stars (@hollywstars) June 18, 2021

Well that explains it #ENGSCO pic.twitter.com/oadwGenkiE

— . (@ViIlaI_) June 18, 2021

When there is only one slice of Domino's left

#ENGSCO pic.twitter.com/dRrMrxy3va

— Carver (@Mr_Carv3r) June 18, 2021

poor lad #itsnotcominghome pic.twitter.com/IjILzLexEw

— abbie (@Abbie_Lesage) June 18, 2021

If I turned up to work and put in as little effort as the England team I'd get sacked. #itsnotcominghome

— Nimski (@ChrisNimmo) June 18, 2021

About England wining euros… we wouldn’t win home nations

— terry (@TerryCairney) June 18, 2021

On the football phone-ins, to answer the fuming England fans, they need someone to say “It’s not football you’re angry about is it? Take a breath, Dave, and tell me why your father never hugged you.”

— Mark Steel (@mrmarksteel) June 18, 2021

How can you expect to win the euros when your striker is in Fortnite #itsnotcominghome pic.twitter.com/yBfpOHqMSL

— ✞ ᴴᴰ (@Dunnomate77_) June 18, 2021


“Now tell them it’s coming home” #itsnotcominghome #itscominghame pic.twitter.com/uxQDrfH6Si

— Aiden Brotherton (@aidenbro20) June 18, 2021

more chance of my dad coming home than football at this rate

— Ethan Payne (@Behzinga) June 18, 2021


Even if it did come home, we’d probably pass it back to wherever it came from! #england #itsnotcominghome

— Tom West (@westtom93) June 18, 2021

All day I’ve been singing Vindaloo just to watch England play like fucking Korma #eng #ENGSCO

— Curt_Higgo (@CurtHiggo) June 18, 2021

As an Englishman living in Scotland, 0-0 was the disappointment I was hoping for. #EngSco

— Dr. Bendor Grosvenor (@arthistorynews) June 18, 2021


Every England football fan watching the England – Scotland match.
"I have a feeling we're not in 1966 anymore." pic.twitter.com/LHA5QgKkgT

— Positively4thStreet (@Positively4thS) June 18, 2021

Me reading the #itsnotcominghome tweets trying to keep up to date on all the football gossip despite not knowing what the hell is going on or a single thing about football pic.twitter.com/WxqavuzfXn

— Rebecca Butcher (@BeccaButcherX1) June 18, 2021

You find angry England fans is the strangest of places #ENGSCO pic.twitter.com/wmLo8cf51e

— Reckoner (@reckoner04) June 18, 2021


England if they never employed Southgate pic.twitter.com/129bAlNZnX

— . (@FIairrr) June 18, 2021