The best jokes about the state of the NFL-stained Wembley pitch as Spurs host Man City

Touchdown humour.

There were tweets and jokes about the Wembley pitch as Spurs played Man City not long after an NFL game there
(Image: USAF/2nd Lt. Keenan Kunst)

Tottenham were beaten by Manchester City on a dreadful-looking pitch at Wembley, which still bore many of the markings of a recent American football game.

Spurs are still playing their home games at the national stadium after continued delays to construction of a replacement for White Hart Lane.

However Wembley hosted Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles just a day before the Premier League clash and the NFL teams left their mark on the turf in more ways than one.

Many were commenting online about the state of it as Pep Guardiola’s side secured a 0-1 win.

These were the best of the tweets and jokes about the Wembley pitch as Spurs face Man City on Monday after an NFL game at the venue on Sunday:


I'm going for a 1-1 draw tonight with Harry Kane sprinting into the end zone for a touchdown.#TOTMCI pic.twitter.com/jWy6qZmzBI

— KingKennyStand (@KingKennyStand) October 29, 2018

@MenInBlazers @SpursOfficial and @ManCity are learning how every high school team in America feels. #TOTMCI pic.twitter.com/0v77brytkk

— John Cook (@johneuelcook) October 29, 2018

No touchdowns yet in the Spurs/Man City game #TOTMCI pic.twitter.com/hVEPp1ssLf

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) October 29, 2018


Can't wait for everyone to say "touchdown!" when the first goal goes in… #TOTMCI

— Matt Murphy (@Matt__Murphy) October 29, 2018

The Wembley pitch looks like it’s straight out of an MLS game from 1997. pic.twitter.com/b5bgni8GYn

— Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) October 29, 2018

On the plus side, the pitch markings at Wembley should lead to some incredibly accurate reporting of long-range shots… "a dipping volley from the 27.5 yard line…"

— Matthew Dunn (@MattDunnExpress) October 29, 2018

Mahrez with the first touchdown for the Manchester City Cardinals

Spurs 0 Man City 1 #TOTMCI

— ⚽️442oons⚽️ (@442oons) October 29, 2018


Spurs have a 1st down and 10 from the 50 yard line.

— Nigel Mayes (@mickymaguire) October 29, 2018

It’s a TOUCHDOWN in the 1st Quarter for The Manchester Sky Blues as their wide receivers break through the London Hotspurs defensive line.#YesIAmGoingToFlogThisJoke#Wembley #pitch #TOTMCI #NFL

— Des Kelly (@TheDesKelly) October 29, 2018

At least there's no excuse for the ref not to get the wall 10 yards away on free kicks

— andrew jones (@jonek78) October 29, 2018

Banned vs allowed pic.twitter.com/vGGDGd9WqE

— FPL Partridge (@FPL_Partridge) October 29, 2018

Great stuff from Wembley – it's dressed up as an NFL stadium for Halloween #TOTMCI

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) October 29, 2018

“David Silva is at the 50, the 40, 30, the 20 , HE could go all the waaaaay.” Sorry couldn’t resist. #Wembley pic.twitter.com/KFtxwi9mtL

— Maximiliano Bretos (@MaxBretosSports) October 29, 2018


BREAKING: Twitter to suspend any accounts that tweet American football references during #TOTMCI pic.twitter.com/sItLBJ9DpP

— Jo Lake (@Joanne_Lake) October 29, 2018


A poor 1st QTR for the Hotspurs so far. Can the key centre cornerback H.Kane snap the ball to the downfield end zone?! #TOTMCI pic.twitter.com/1gRssxRNAu

— doug (@biridoug) October 29, 2018

Martin Tyler: "Pep Guardiola might have said 'get it in the endzone.'" #TOTMCI pic.twitter.com/ZI7c0cNm38

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) October 29, 2018

It's the Tottenham Tornados against the Manchester Marauders. #TOTMCI pic.twitter.com/nTvefOVtSt

— Ants D (@antsd1919) October 29, 2018


Other than this game being played in the wrong stadium with the wrong pitch markings in the wrong kits on the wrong day, I can’t see what anyone is complaining about #TOTMCI

— Ian Doyle (@IanDoyleSport) October 29, 2018

Lucas Moura unaware that diving is not acceptable in NFL #TOTMCI

— COPA90 (@Copa90) October 29, 2018


Great field goal by lamela… how many points is that #TOTMCI pic.twitter.com/od5pSQSF4M

— Pillachi™ (@Pillachi) October 29, 2018

Tottenham’s season

Expectation vs Reality pic.twitter.com/ZLR4bSDQIK

— Law (@Law10j) October 29, 2018

Manchester Citizens get the win at Wembley! pic.twitter.com/8k8NskSdD4

— B/R Football (@brfootball) October 29, 2018