The best jokes as Paul Pogba misses penalty against Everton after another slow run-up

2-1 win at Old Trafford marred by trundle.

There were more jokes about Paul Pogba's slow penalty run-up after another one in Man Utd's 2-1 win over Everton
(Image: Ardfern)

After another ridiculously slow run-up, Paul Pogba had his penalty saved by Everton’s Jordan Pickford at Old Trafford before he was able to knock in the rebound.

The 25-year-old Manchester United midfielder’s now infamous approach to spot-kicks has been widely debated online after it featured again in their 2-1 win over Marco Silva’s side in the Premier League on Sunday.

After what seemed like as age as he sauntered towards the ball, a goal was eventually scored but not before the goalkeeper had palmed the initial shot back into his path.

These were the best of the jokes following Paul Pogba’s slow penalty run-up against Everton:

That pogba penalty was like when you walk to the fridge with your fit bit on. #MUNEVE #WAIL

— Full English Brexit (@bombaybaddies) October 28, 2018

Pogba took so long to take that penalty the Thai cave boys nearly started shaving…

— The Tears of a Clown (@Modmuffin) October 28, 2018

Paul Pogba's penalty…
"He's not is he?"
"He better f**king score this"
"What a t***"
"I'll let him off"#MUFC #MUNEVE

— Stretford Paddock (@StretfordPaddck) October 28, 2018




10 minutes added time because of that run up

— Thomas Stirk (@TomStirk1992) October 28, 2018

Paul Pogba’s penalty technique is like waiting for a website to load on dial-up

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) October 28, 2018

Paul Pogba’s penalty run up: pic.twitter.com/pmcQqZWzDR

— Soccer AM (@SoccerAM) October 28, 2018

Nice to see Paul Pogba correctly decide that winding up your dad is more important than taking a good penalty

— Tom Victor (@tomvictor) October 28, 2018

Pogba's face right as he missed the penalty is pretty amusing pic.twitter.com/v9QLDel87K

— Samuel Rooke (@SamRooke89) October 28, 2018



Things that can be done during a Paul Pogba penalty run up.

• Make a cup of tea.
• Tie your shoelaces.
• Watch a YouTube video.
• Have a shower.
• Brush your teeth.
• Drink the whole cup of tea.
• Sleep.
• Wake up.
• Wait some more.
• Watch him miss anyway. pic.twitter.com/YienO2iIbb

— VK (@KaptainFenomeno) October 28, 2018

Make a comeback in your career and renew your contract. #ThingsYouCanDoDuringPogbasPenaltyRunUp pic.twitter.com/sxGx6C1i11

— Luke Shaw (@LukeShaw23) October 28, 2018


— Craig Stanley (@RealRomseyPele) October 28, 2018

Sigurdsson was going to do a Pogba run-up too, but Gylfi feet have got no rhythm.

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) October 28, 2018


— JS (@JShepherd1983) October 28, 2018

Takes real talent to play a one-two from the penalty spot. Pogba gives @ManUtd the lead.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 28, 2018


For anyone who missed the Pogba penalty#FPL #GW10 pic.twitter.com/zSdPRQXDqN

— Bøwstring The Carp (@MattKearney92) October 28, 2018