The best jokes about Dutch mascot who showed V-sign on coverage of England friendly

Girl's pre-match antics do not go unnoticed.

Lots of people made jokes about the Dutch mascot who showed V-sign on coverage of their 0-1 friendly defeat to England
ICONIC: Girl (Image: Twitter/Kop Magazine)

One Dutch mascot caused a stir before England’s friendly against the Netherlands in Amsterdam had even started, by making a funny face and flashing a double V-sign at the camera as it passed over her during the national anthems.

Social media was soon awash with images of the young girl who was unable to keep appropriately still at the required time.

These were the best jokes about the Dutch mascot who showed a V-sign on coverage of Holland’s 0-1 defeat to England on Friday night:

And it’s a warm and very hospitable Dutch welcome from the Amsterdam Arena #NedEng pic.twitter.com/S0I7aMhw9A

— David Walker (@djwskyblu) March 23, 2018

The Parents and Grandparents sat at home excitedly waiting proudly to see their sweet little angel be a mascot for their National Team…
And there she is….#NEDENG #NedvEng pic.twitter.com/kGDCNmngbp

— YNFA (@ynfafootball) March 23, 2018

Dutch mascot giving an appropriate response to the England fans #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/xzUSJ9Wz9o

— Ben White (@benwhite) March 23, 2018


When your boss asks you stay late but it’s a Friday #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/QPsAtF1ZOp

— Megs (@MeggConnor98) March 23, 2018

When all the old dears 👵 tune in too watch Coronation Street and realise its been cancelled @SportHumour @ladbible #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/mBZZAG1UCb

— Daniel (@DayShiftDan) March 23, 2018

When you find out Glen Hoddle is in the commentary box #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/J6Nx4bAGxt

— Paul Cunniffe (@paul_cunniffe1) March 23, 2018

Somewhere in Amsterdam there are some very proud parents… #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/HbnxBUE1Ly

— Rookery Mike (@RookeryMike) March 23, 2018

First and last time being a mascot..#NEDENG 😂😂😂 https://t.co/hxv3UqsTU8

— TheRealCasuals (@Real_Casuals_66) March 23, 2018

All you have to do is stand in front of your player with your hands behind your back. Easy…… #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/fyf1vVKGnz

— nicola louise dunn (@nicldunn) March 23, 2018

I have a horrible feeling this would probably be my daughter. #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/jPr5EQTtD5

— Ben Stump (@BenStump) March 23, 2018

Does this mean something else in Dutch? #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/wdEOmosSeF

— Nick Ridgway (@nickridgway103) March 23, 2018

Dutch kid perfectly summing up international friendlies there #HOLENG #NEDENG #LFC pic.twitter.com/obtKN3uoQ6

— Kop Magazine (@TheKopMagazine) March 23, 2018

Think someone is grounded tonight when they get home #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/RoPO9Y3tLF

— Youngy (@YoungyJ83) March 23, 2018

When someone says England aren't gonna win the World Cup #NEDENG pic.twitter.com/9HJeqBe96Q

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) March 23, 2018