The best Luke Shaw fat jokes after half-time substitution in Man Utd 2-0 Brighton

Mourinho makes example of overweight left-back during FA Cup victory.

This pie represents the Luke Shaw fat jokes
TASTY: Pie (Image: Kellen)

These were the best Luke Shaw fat jokes after José Mourinho substituted him off at half time of Man Utd’s 2-0 FA Cup win over Brighton.

Despite a sub-par team performance all round, the Red Devils boss chose Shaw to make an example of, hauling him off for Ashley Young at the interval.

Many were quick to comment on Shaw’s overweight appearance, and it now looks inevitable he will leave Old Trafford in the summer.

As promised, here are those Luke Shaw fat jokes:

Luke Shaw injured his finger at half time whilst phoning his order at Pizza Express. Jose was furious and subbed him.

— Lee (@BleaseyMCRred) March 18, 2018

“Luke is still determined to be a part of the England squad in Russia”

Shaw in June when it kicks off; pic.twitter.com/Rf6XCU8Zia

— Bobo (@Romxnii) March 19, 2018

Lads, by all means say that Luke Shaw is overweight for a Premiership footballer but don't call him fat. Most of you haven't seen your cock since last century……

— Remo (@Remo26599) March 19, 2018

Luke Shaw denies to the press that he is struggling with his weight. @UtdBeforeFergie pic.twitter.com/j8gblWwB3y

— el diablo rojo UK (@elDiabloRojoUK) March 16, 2018

Sources close to Luke Shaw. pic.twitter.com/XtvjEuhLBC

— Stuart (@__Bingo) March 19, 2018

Bet Luke Shaw is gutted be working Saturday night he's usually on his 5th can and 2nd kebab at this time. #MUNBHA

— Dave Harrison (@itsmeinnitmate) March 17, 2018

Young on for Luke Shaw – who is off to McDonalds for a double cheeseburger with extra mayo.

— Guardiolista (@MCFC_HQ1) March 17, 2018


Luke Shaw 30m. Andy Robertson 10m. pic.twitter.com/F7aAuiRGQQ

— Gar⚽️Breen (@GarBreeninhoLfc) March 17, 2018


There’s always a sauce close to Luke Shaw. He’s always in fucking McDonalds.

— Matt Quick (@m_j_quick) March 19, 2018

Luke Shaw top class bbw, big booty wingback.

— Abdi (@mawhufc_) March 17, 2018

When Mourinho see’s Luke Shaw by the pasta at Carrington pic.twitter.com/Ngqap6KusP

— Krish (@Krishan_Mamba24) March 19, 2018

In 10 years time when someone snaps a pic of Luke Shaw looking like a blonde Johnny Vegas, sat outside his local with a donner kebab hanging out of his mouth & chilli sauce dribbling down his chin – I hope all you fan boys hang your head in shame

He's the next Anderson

— Bertie 'Shawshank' Magoo (@Eti_Lad) March 19, 2018

You're all being a bit mean to Luke Shaw. Here's his contribution to our League Cup win last year. pic.twitter.com/68oxPCKVnW

— Dan (@DMKStand) March 19, 2018

If that story about Luke Shaw going to the canteen with the Charity Shield as his plate is true… José has every right to dig him out.

— Gaz (@Gaz2Putt) March 20, 2018

Retweet if you are slimmer than Luke Shaw! pic.twitter.com/gYFoOaAxUw

— Guardiolista (@MCFC_HQ1) March 17, 2018

Mourinho is one match away from fat shaming Luke Shaw

— NW3Gooner (@NW3Gooner) March 17, 2018

Luke Shaw at full-time when he hears Mourinho coming down the tunnel. pic.twitter.com/Lu16bbDuD9

— Jordan Clarke (@FourFourJordan) March 17, 2018