The best Hull Tigers jokes after City name change application

A collection of the best Hull Tigers jokes after Hull City confirmed their name change application.

A mock-up of what the new club emblem could look like, one of the best Hull Tigers jokes after Hull City's name change application
CHANGED: What the new emblem could look like (Image: Twitter/Louis Dixon)

A collection of the best Hull Tigers jokes after Hull City confirmed they have applied to the FA to change the club’s name to Hull Tigers, starting from next season.

Causing outrage across England and particularly amongst Hull City supporters, club owner Assem Allam is going through with his plans for the name change despite strong opposition from fan groups who wish to keep the existing City suffix that has been in place since 1904.

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It’s as funny as it is horrendous, check out the best Hull Tigers jokes after Hull City’s name change application below:

''@BBCSport: Hull City have confirmed the club sent a letter to the FA requesting a change of name to Hull Tigers'' pic.twitter.com/llwDUxYZlV

— . (@bradyates_) December 11, 2013

This kid isn't happy about hull tigers pic.twitter.com/rxkv9Yzr3s

— Sam Saxton (@samsaxton27) December 10, 2013

Hull Tigers …. Bet that gets a Frostie reception. #ThatOnesForFree

— Darren Belfast LFC (@ddot42) December 11, 2013

Hull applies to FA to change name to Hull Tigers #Meow pic.twitter.com/mufL9XcK4R

— Louis Dixon (@itslouisd) December 11, 2013

"Hull Tigers", I think that sounds gggggreeeeat!!! #TonyTheTiger #aahaahhaa

— Random Banter (@random_banter) December 11, 2013

Hull Tigers. Scary. pic.twitter.com/K7dI8qFn7u

— fcuk81 (@fcuk81) December 11, 2013

Whenever you're fed up with Liverpool just remember we're not called Hull Tigers

— Annie Road (@ThoseScouseLads) December 11, 2013

Hull Tigers LOL still not as bad as Tottenham hotspurs wtf is a hotspur lol

— . (@StrictlyCfc) December 11, 2013

'Hull Tigers' pic.twitter.com/8fHJ7TNsbe

— Rodrigo (@MexicanBlue8) December 11, 2013

So #Hull Tigers. Or as the rest of the country will call them … Hull. #football

— John S Kirkup (@jok1r) December 11, 2013

Hull Tigers… pic.twitter.com/byeqLlaHMu

— Mark (@marksablade) December 11, 2013

Got me scaf on, ready for Hull Tigers firm @JakeMatthews42 pic.twitter.com/TiUIgS68tf

— Kane (@KaneStatton) December 4, 2013

@DaveHCAFC @NoToHullTigers hull tigers ahahahaha. Id be "lion" if i said i didn't find it funny. Ha ha ha ha.

— 18_78 (@cruevertonian) December 11, 2013

However funny it is, the idea of renaming Hull City to Hull Tigers is just absurd and I understand the frustration. A cartoon-team name.

— Chelsea Rumours (@ChelseaRumours) December 11, 2013

Tom Huddlestone cannot contain his excitement after signing for Hull 'Tigers'… pic.twitter.com/mTkQt9XESz

— Marcher Lord (@MarcherLord1) August 16, 2013

I wonder if the #wwf will help the #Hull #Tigers stay clear of extinction ?

— Lancsiron (@LancsIron) December 11, 2013

Rather eat my own face than watch 'Hull Tigers' in the all singing, all dancing, sooper, dooper, 'best league in the world'. #HCAFC #AMF

— Lee Freer (@LNFreer89) December 11, 2013

I cannot believe the hull tigers fans are not happy with the name change or new star signing #CheerUp #TigerrrFeet pic.twitter.com/NvbWrCZJ8g

— Scotty O'C (@scottyoc) August 26, 2013

@FootyAccums I'd legally change my name to Hull Tigers

— Andy (@Andrew_Holden) December 11, 2013

Hull Tigers? Someone is obviously smoking the same stuff Snoop Lion is!

— Mojisola Showunmi (@rosieemjay) December 11, 2013

@sinittaofficial what's your opinion on the whole hull city hull tigers issue

— colin wooldridge (@colinwooldridge) December 11, 2013

@NoToHullTigers Star Trek's Deanna Troi doesn't like "Hull Tigers" either (actress Marina Sirtis is a big Spurs fan): pic.twitter.com/RZ9mdS37sr

— Ian Berriman (@ianberriman) September 29, 2013

Hull officially changing their name to Hull Tigers. pic.twitter.com/VxmG0Rpk8r

— Kasper (@kaspermeidell) December 11, 2013

The owner of hull city wants to shorten the name to….hull tigers….dont think I need @carolvorders on this one!!

— andrew swan (@swanky79) December 11, 2013

THEY'RE NOT GR-R-REAT! @BeardedGenius gives us his take on the Hull Tigers… http://t.co/UK8APo8BVE http://t.co/s7eFor3Roe

— Eurosport.com EN (@EurosportCom_EN) December 2, 2013

Hull Tigers sounds like a name on Pro Evolution Soccer or a name @usasoccerguy would think up

— Gareth Bale (@GarethBale22) December 11, 2013

I can see why Hull City owner wants to change name to Hull Tigers. There's a reason Manchester Red Devils are the world's most popular club.

— Ed Knock (@edknock) December 11, 2013

Tunnock the Hedgehog says NO TO HULL TIGERS! @NoToHullTigers #NoToHullTigers pic.twitter.com/p26w49qrVS

— E M M A (@bat_grrrl) September 28, 2013

Sad. Hull. Tigers. #HCFC pic.twitter.com/yIzIDD72RC

— Not Too Xabi (@NotTooXabi_) December 11, 2013

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