The best #AskHarry tweets for Harry Redknapp

QPR manager and transfer deadline day legend Harry Redknapp answered questions on Twitter via the hashtag #AskHarry with predicable results.


Harry Redknapp answrs #AskHarry tweets on Twitter
Harry… Asked (Image: Twitter/OfficialQPR)

QPR manager and transfer deadline day legend Harry Redknapp answered questions on Twitter yesterday via the hashtag #AskHarry – let’s explore the hilarious results.

Getting straight to the tweets…

#AskHarry How do you go about setting a bank account up for your pet? I want a savings account for my cat.

— McGrath (@samwhufc) October 24, 2013

.@OfficialQPR What’s a better way to use £12 million? Buying Christopher Samba or putting it in a pile and setting it on fire? #AskHarry

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry If there was any justice in the world what would be the combined jail sentence for fraud and arms dealing? pic.twitter.com/5P6OYTipv8

— Harry Haskett (@HarryHaskettPFC) October 24, 2013

I’ve to send some letters later. What’s the sturdiest brand of brown envelopes? #AskHarry

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 24, 2013

You’ve got to feel sorry for the guy screening the comments on Twiiter & trying to keep a straight face… #AskHarry pic.twitter.com/I5Bwv34bZw

When asked about medications, I can say that sildenafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction and is not used during training.

— Full-Kit Wankers (@WankersFullKit) October 24, 2013

At what age did you adopt Jamie? #AskHarry

— Full-Kit Wankers (@WankersFullKit) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry How do you feel about play dough barber set copying your pioneering hair style?

— Martin Day (@nitramyad) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry Would you rather kick a badger in the face or strangle a duck to death? Cheers

— Dunstable Wolf (@DunstableWolf) October 23, 2013

Have you replaced your accountant? #AskHarry pic.twitter.com/kIN1mFWBrB

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry Got excited then realized #askharry isn’t about Harry styles -_-

— IWantNiallHoran (@aliyah3333) October 7, 2013

that heartbreaking moment when you find out that #askharry is not about harry styles -_-

— hi (@larry_bumblebee) October 7, 2013

#AskHarry did you ever consider doing and advert for Churchill

— LOCUTUS59 (@LOCUTUS59) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry Do you often go to drive-thru restaurants and give your opinion on a number of Premier League players?

— James (@JamesB_SAFC) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry Can you tell me who kicked this? I’d like to buy him a drink. http://t.co/kFrKdCRajf

— Daley (@DaleyAFC) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry How difficult was it going over Niagara Falls in a barrel dressed as a woman? pic.twitter.com/TtKdwkYRZX

— David Jack (@DamJef) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry There’s a little bloke down my local who says he’s a jockey & can get me #QPR tickets. Says he knows you. Can you vouch for him?

— Eddie Fremantle (@eddietheshoe) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry how long did it take for your neck to stop jiggling after this? pic.twitter.com/W2fQaahEhJ

— Bobby Wilson (@wilson_afc) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry – Can you teach me that magic trick where you can receive supportive text messages without actually owning a mobile phone please?

— Rich Arrowsmith (@RichArrowsmith) October 24, 2013

Would you say you are a ‘wheeler dealer’ or a ‘farkin footbaw manichah’? #AskHarry

— MirrorFootball (@MirrorFootball) October 24, 2013

Do you enjoy sporting the Bon Marche autumn/winter collection? #askharry pic.twitter.com/EP4RvbaDYF

— Andy (@AndyF_27) October 24, 2013

#askharry did you ask for your book to be put here in the shops? pic.twitter.com/bevJTB7Fpd

— Andy (@Andypompeyfan) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry What were you discussing with Arsene Wenger here? pic.twitter.com/YOC1SCGzrL

— Rob (@robmcfc) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry – separated at birth? pic.twitter.com/1aVvElAe2P

— Wenger’s Wingman (@mikesanz19) October 24, 2013

#AskHarry seeing its Spurs-day tonight how do you feel about your forgotten son dressing up for the occasion pic.twitter.com/eLhtCOxzlc

— AFC GLEN (@AFC_GLEN) October 24, 2013

Hey #askharry, can you tell your dog to hurry up ? I want to get some lunch before going back to work already ! pic.twitter.com/jljxppHvLD

— Lewis Conway (@conway_lewis) October 24, 2013

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