The best Giroud Beşiktaş jokes as CL performance is derided

The Arsenal striker's performance in the Champions League play-off first leg was widely criticised.

The Olivier Giroud Beşiktaş jokes were everywhere after his Champions League play-off first leg performance was widely criticised
CRITICISED: Giroud (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

Take a look at this selection of the best Olivier Giroud Beşiktaş jokes after the Arsenal striker was widely criticised for his performance in the Champions League play-off first leg tie in Turkey last night.s

Arsène Wenger’s English side were held to a draw as they attempted to secure a place in the forthcoming group stage of the competition and the French forward was panned for his inability to finish any of his team’s chances.

Arsenal fans were not impressed and many took to Twitter, so we’ve chosen our favourite Olivier Giroud Beşiktaş jokes from the Champions League play-off first leg for your pleasure.

If Giroud tried that, it would have been a corner to besiktas.

— Tom Gordon (@GoonerGordo) August 19, 2014

My tombstone will read "FFS Giroud".

— Lawrence (@Lozia) August 19, 2014

Every time the ball goes in the air you can see Giroud trying to work out if he'd rather score the header or protect his haircut.

— JB (@gunnerpunner) August 19, 2014

@UncleFumez: So sure Giroud should be playing for a league 1 team” Respect league 1 pls

— ? (@JamzLdn) August 19, 2014

The only thing thats been worse than Giroud today is the pitch.

— FG (@FunnyGooner) August 19, 2014

Giroud Man of the match for @Besiktas.

— Sam (@samuelJayC) August 19, 2014

No God would make us go through three seasons in a row of Giroud as first choice CF.

— Culann Davies (@CulannDavies) August 19, 2014

*Giroud misses* *waits for Giroud's forced reaction* *Giroud acts asif he's shocked he missed* Repeat until one goes in

— Ken Livingstone (@KennethBrav) August 19, 2014

If giroud breaks down anymore moves we will have to all out the AA

— claudio callegari (@goonerclaude) August 19, 2014

"Watching Giroud." https://t.co/ooNGwhW4Vn

— MS19 (@mikesanz19) August 19, 2014

"FFS Giroud" is trending worldwide. LOL

— Squid Boy (@TheSquidBoyLike) August 19, 2014

Giroud is having one of those nights where you think it's a good job he's got great hair.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 19, 2014

Arsenal fans when watching Giroud pic.twitter.com/i0LsSJXxpX

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) August 19, 2014


— Poets Corner (@PoetsCornerUK) August 19, 2014

When Sanchez passes to a red shirt, then realises it's Giroud. pic.twitter.com/ejFrfTSQCY

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) August 19, 2014

Choosing between Sanogo and Giroud right now is like choosing if you want to be shot in the hand or the foot…

— Isaac Gallows (@23__Football) August 19, 2014


— ??Jody (@TinieReubs) August 19, 2014

Giroud running through on goal http://t.co/ynG8bRWts5

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) August 19, 2014

Decided to watch Besiktas – Arsenal before Real Madrid's game. Worst decision ever. Who told Giroud he is good?

— SocialRMadrid (@SocialRMadrid) August 19, 2014

The only thing that was on Giroud's mind today was Carnival?? https://t.co/q0OdL3KsIe

— ? (@_nate9) August 19, 2014

Who was our worst player tonight? RT for Giroud. Fav for Giroud. Reply for Giroud. Follow me for Giroud. #AFC

— Chris (@chrismd10) August 19, 2014

Giroud heatmap from tonight pic.twitter.com/JQtXkGIhCq

— Dan (@DareToAlexis) August 19, 2014