The best Belgium hairstyles jokes from their first game of Euro 2016

First appearance at the tournament caught public's gaze.

All sorts of Euro 2016 Belgium hairstyles jokes matched the looks on show during their Italy defeat
SIMILAR: Minaj (Image: Christopher Macsurak)

There were plenty of Belgium hairstyles jokes as the team made their first appearance at Euro 2016 in France, losing 2-0 to Italy in Group E.

A side featuring all sorts of haircuts, including Marouane Fellaini’s much-publicised new blonde look, was offered up for the public’s gaze over ninety minutes on Monday night.

And they responded with Euro 2016 Belgium hairstyles jokes:

If Belgium are going to win anything this summer, it's the world's most glorious barbers.#BELITA #Euros2016 pic.twitter.com/TUZW9leW5p

— LiveFootball (@livefootball) 13 June 2016

Fellaini's squad photo is just fabulous. #BELITA pic.twitter.com/BThI120cXK

— Ken Shabby (@MrKenShabby) 13 June 2016

Ramseys hair aint too bad #BELITA pic.twitter.com/JKNsIRYZ06

— Stockholm Gooner (@StockholmGooner) 13 June 2016

I'm trying to imagine what my dad shouted at the telly when he saw Radja Nainggolan #BELITA pic.twitter.com/dBsXpLVcaW

— gedgie (@gedgie) 13 June 2016

#BELITA BEL defence look like investment bankers, rest of team straight out of a 90s illegal rave

— Al Spinner (@AlasdairSpinner) 13 June 2016

Fellaini looking like #BELITA pic.twitter.com/NQhJvL0pVp

— The weekday (@behlul_official) 13 June 2016

Nainggolan looks like he's about to go… "Come my lady, come come my lady, you my butterfly, sugar, baby!" #BELITA pic.twitter.com/bf1KMvwh2P

— MW / (@songsbymick) 13 June 2016

Cannot believe that Tina Turner is playing for Belgium tonight #BELITA #wilmotslovegottodowithit pic.twitter.com/Mr8NmNKWeT

— Pish SPL Footballers (@stramashing) 13 June 2016

When you unlock the final hairstyles pack in Pro Clubs 😂 #EURO2016 #BELITA pic.twitter.com/bGMuzyp4Ot

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) 13 June 2016

Fellaini looks like the lovechild of Carlos Valderrama & Tina Turner#EURO2016 #BELITA

— THE SPERT (@THESPERT) 13 June 2016

I knew it reminded me of something. Been bothering me all game. #Fellaini #BELITA pic.twitter.com/sr7S7w5gQe

— Mark® (@MakerzMark) 13 June 2016

Plays like a clown and looks like a clown #fellaini #BELITA pic.twitter.com/jt7CbNVp7b

— Mor (@MorHealy) 13 June 2016

When you unlock 'Big Bird' haircut on FIFA… #Fellaini #BELITA pic.twitter.com/PdIlk45OpU

— Copa90 (@Copa90) 13 June 2016

When somebody stole your hair #belita pic.twitter.com/NF1VrBSJfO

— Lianne Kleinjan (@Liannoss) 13 June 2016

#BELITA #fellaini in the dressing room pic.twitter.com/eoLSrW3P9q

— Stephen (@stephenhunter21) 13 June 2016

I blame it on the hairdresser #belita @BoyPijls pic.twitter.com/aHNjO5Eiei

— silis (@silisbelgium) 13 June 2016