The best jokes from Belgium 0-2 Italy

Experienced rearguard keeps out all-stars.

These fans will look forward to reading the jokes from Belgium 0-2 Italy after their Euro 2016 group stage win
STARTED: Italian Euro 2016 party (Image: Alessio Damato)

These were all the best jokes from Belgium 0-2 Italy as Antonio Conte’s experienced side showed their defensive qualities to keep out their all-star opponents in the Euro 2016 Group E clash on Monday evening.

The Belgians, who ‘looked good on paper’, failed to live up to expectations as Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and co. found themselves unable to make a mark on the game.

Reffed by Englishman Mark Clattenburg, here are the best jokes from Belgium 0-2 Italy, both sides’ first match of the tournament:

New Tinder profile pic for this lad #BELITA pic.twitter.com/jslPTKJG6K

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) 13 June 2016

Impeccably observed #ITA national anthem by @LucaVialli, by the way… #BELITA pic.twitter.com/pLShGOey6u

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) 13 June 2016

Fellaini's official squad portrait. #BELITA pic.twitter.com/TvAR7On31v

— Dave Phillips (@lovefutebol) 13 June 2016

Clattenburg speaking English but making an effort with the hand gestures #BELITA pic.twitter.com/kkodry5sod

— Jonny Fitzgerald (@JonnyFitzG) 13 June 2016

"He's very intelligent, he thinks very well". More gold from Martin Keown #BELITA

— Chris Skinner (@producerchris) 13 June 2016

That Bonucci pass just made me leave my wife #BELITA

— Gary (@BeardClubGary) 13 June 2016

I reckon an ironing board would hold the ball up better than Lukaku #BELITA

— Shamush (@ShimmyPtak) 13 June 2016

Yes…#Hazard is magician…I can't see him #BELITA

— VeNkI (@venki_IN) 13 June 2016

I say Belgium can't wait until the paper world championships #OnPaperTheyreAGreatTeam #BELITA #EURO2016 #bel #ita

— Sam (@CityFella_) 13 June 2016

Glouglouglou #BELITA pic.twitter.com/N8oIuORoH7

— IamFrench (@IamFrench_) 13 June 2016

When you have your period at the worst time possible #BELITA pic.twitter.com/yMiVJnIZ0r

— Nikos Pappas (@nikos1977) 13 June 2016

#BELITA is like something chav women call their feral offspring. "BELITA-CHARDONNAY! TIME FOR YOUR GREGG'S SAUSAGE ROLL"

— Andy Parmo (@andyparmo) 13 June 2016

Can Rio Ferdinand finish a sentence by the end of the game #BELITA

— Daniel Eggleston (@DanielEggleston) 13 June 2016

Frites VS Pizza #BELITA

— 200 SUBS IZI (@kilian345) 13 June 2016

If you took a drink every time Mark Clattenburg glanced at himself on the big screen you would be dead rn. #BELITA pic.twitter.com/Y45MvnMGqx

— Sam's Army (@BarstoolSam) 13 June 2016

Belgian fans are getting further than their team are with the Italians in Lyon. 😏 #BELITA pic.twitter.com/OdA9PQNeCR

— Copa90 (@Copa90) 13 June 2016

Got to admire the balls of Chiellini for even trying to suggest that wasn't a yellow. #BELITA #EURO2016

— Mark Chapman (@markchapman) 13 June 2016

I hope that’s not his main hair gel finger #pellè #BELITA

— ShellèyW (@itsShelleyW) 13 June 2016

I wish I knew Flemish so I could curse at the TV right now in it. #BELITA

— Laurent Dubois (@Soccerpolitics) 13 June 2016

It's been Lukak-who tonight!!? I'm here all week, remember to tip your waiters. Give the veal a miss actually, try the sea bass. #BELITA

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) 13 June 2016

Pelle's playing on with a dislocated hair. What a man. #BELITA

— Jez a Bell (@Tsarcastic_) 13 June 2016

Benteke told Wilmots if he doesn't get more game time he'll have to find a new country😂 #BELITA

— Evan Meade (@MeadeEvan) 13 June 2016

we need to talk about kevin #BELITA

— tom helsen (@detomhelsen) 13 June 2016

Bonucci's heat map. #BELITA pic.twitter.com/MKWWWPBFla

— Bilal B. (@JuveBillz) 13 June 2016

What's 'cynical' in Italian? #BELITA

— amar singh (@amarjourno) 13 June 2016

Do Itialians get bonuses for yellow cards ?#BELITA

— Mo 213 (@MoApaydin) 13 June 2016

Here's all Lukaku's highlights from #BELITA pic.twitter.com/pAODy7NZDt

— William Hill Betting (@WillHillBet) 13 June 2016

'When the man hits your eye with a big swinging elbow, that's Fellaini…'#BelgianSongLyrics#BELITA

— Dave (@Join_Dave) 13 June 2016

#BELITA : Summary#ITA's Defense Vs #BEL pic.twitter.com/PGMlYVza51

— Sir Javed Miandad (@SirJohnRoe) 13 June 2016

That's why Suarez bit Chiellini. #BELITA

— Titleixbaby (@Titleixbaby) 13 June 2016

@Oldfirmfacts1 nice to see Fellaini's Da taking pictures of his boy #EURO2016 #BELITA pic.twitter.com/duVtjcR1Ct

— A Bhoy Has No Name (@john_mccann) 13 June 2016

Pelle's hair should win the trophy #BELITA

— Tim Bowers (@TimBowers1) 13 June 2016

Marc Wilmots should get a medal for bringing this talented squad down. #BELITA pic.twitter.com/Xwm4g1v0UT

— The Fulham Dane (@FulhamDane) 13 June 2016

Watching this Belgium team is like giving a chef the best ingredients in the world then watching him just use it to make an omelette #BELITA

— Musie Elongo (@_Musie10) 13 June 2016

Marc Will Not #BELITA

— Geert Noels (@GeertNoels) 13 June 2016