Arsène Wenger jokes
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The best Arsène Wenger jokes as Arsenal boss announces departure at end of season

Gunners set for first new manager in 22 years.


These were the best Arsène Wenger jokes as the long-serving Arsenal manager announced his decision to step down at the end of this season.

After 22 years in charge, Wenger has the chance to end his reign with a victory in next month’s Europa League final – assuming the Gunners get there.

Recent seasons have seen the Frenchman come in for plenty of criticism as Arsenal have fallen further and further off the pace in the Premier League, but he has nevertheless won three FA Cups in the last four years.

Most Arsenal fans will choose to remember him for his pioneering early years at the club, culminating with 2003-04’s ‘Invincibles’ season when they won the title without losing a match.

But the Wenger era became a source of angst during a trophy-less spell that lasted over a decade up until the recent spate of FA Cups.

Nevertheless, younger fans are about to enter the unknown – an Arsenal side under a manager other than Wenger.

As reaction continues to pour in, enjoy this selection of the best Arsène Wenger jokes so far:

BREAKING: Arsenal finally manage to get rid of Arsene Wenger after telling the Home Office he was part of the Windrush generation.

— Have I Got News For You (@haveigotnews) April 20, 2018

Arsene Wenger releases a statement regarding his departure.

A touch of class from the man. pic.twitter.com/5D1kB9XUqi

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 20, 2018

LATEST: Unknown Orson Wagner slated to take over at Arsenal. pic.twitter.com/Pt9EjnphPp

— barney farmer (@barneyfarmer) April 20, 2018

Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal just as Commonwealth leaders are meeting to discuss who should replace the Queen as head of the Commonwealth? Surely this can’t be a coincidence.

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) April 20, 2018




All of these guys will be forever grateful to Arsené Wenger’s legacy at Arsenal as they would never have had the careers they had if it wasn’t for him…#WengerOut pic.twitter.com/jOpZZCSNBb

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) April 20, 2018


I'm sure it's very sad for Arsene Wenger, but there's nothing quite like handing your notice in at work. Just 6 weeks of going on the internet and deleting Julie's emails about recycling.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 20, 2018

Rename The Ems after him. The Arsène Wenger Stadium.

And Wembley too. Wengley Stadium.

— Squid Boy (@TheSquidBoyLike) April 20, 2018

Arsenal has finally won Independence, after a long term of colonial rule by their Colonial master ARSENE Wenger..
God bless arsenal.

— COMEDIAN WARIS (@ComedianWaris) April 20, 2018

No coincidence Mugabe, Zumah and Arsene Wenger all leaving 2018

What a year

— Saddick Adams (@SaddickAdams) April 20, 2018


Sad news about Arsene Wenger. My only hope is that some good comes of it – a new lease of life for the team, or Piers Morgan setting fire to his house with the friction of his furious masturbation today.

— Pundamentalism (@Pundamentalism) April 20, 2018

Nobody has said “Arson Wanger” yet. Come on, Twitter.

— Pundamentalism (@Pundamentalism) April 20, 2018


Arsene Wenger lived off work he did decades ago. Football Nas.

— (C) Liverpool (@NotStanding) April 20, 2018


Hi. I don't have really any opinion at all on Arsène Wenger. I hope that's OK.

— Robert Wright (@RKWinvisibleman) April 20, 2018