The best Arsenal jokes after second loss to Chelsea this season

Single Diego Costa goal was enough to defeat Arsène Wenger's side 1-0 at the Emirates.

Per Mertesacker's red card formed the basis for some of the Arsenal jokes after their 1-0 defeat at home to Chelsea
SENT OFF: Mertesacker (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

A single Diego Costa goal was enough to defeat Arsène Wenger’s side 1-0 at the Emirates on Sunday and these are the best Arsenal jokes as Premier League strugglers Chelsea do the double over them this season.

Vocal fans on Twitter made the most of ten-man Arsenal’s failure to take three points and regain their place at the top of the table this weekend.

Here’s a big selection of the best Arsenal jokes as Chelsea beat them for the second time this season with a 0-1 win:

Are Arsenal going to win the league? pic.twitter.com/NvzazLBcy6

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) January 24, 2016

What a disgraceful performance from Ramsey. An apology is not enough just hand in a transfer request if you love this club @aaronramsey

— Ollie Daly (@AFCOllieJD) January 24, 2016

Circle of Arsenal #WengerOut pic.twitter.com/b647CqVBUF

— ? (@ExcitableExpert) January 24, 2016

Specialists in Arsenal.

— Michal Zachodny (@mzachodny) January 24, 2016

21% of #cfc points have come against #arsenal this season

— Charlie Eccleshare (@CDEccleshare) January 24, 2016

Mesut Ozil wants his Twitter handle back. @MrInvisible

— Chelsea HQ (@Chelsea_HQ) January 24, 2016

Arsenal wins and tops the table pic.twitter.com/yQxAVVEpUH

— Its Gitz Bruh!! (@iGitz_) January 24, 2016

When John Obi Mikel gets home tonight and empties his pockets: Keys ? Wallet ? Phone ? Mesut Ozil ? pic.twitter.com/yJDzne7U75

— Chelsea Transfers (@CFCTransfers) January 24, 2016

We got 99 problems, but beating Arsenal ain't one

— S (@lmaosimon) January 24, 2016

Arsenal fan TV and chill?

— Carrick Role (@CarrickRole) January 24, 2016

Arsenal fans heat map pic.twitter.com/X8EtUfSMlW

— Its Gitz Bruh!! (@iGitz_) January 24, 2016

Arsenal Twitter?? pic.twitter.com/WVdInTBjTi

— THE CHELSEA FORUM (@TheChelseaForum) January 24, 2016

Dear Arsenal fans.. pic.twitter.com/du1d2ySvn1

— Luc (@DailyRender) January 24, 2016

Form is temporary, three points against Arsenal is permanent.

— ? (@HazardEdition) January 24, 2016

Great pictures of Mesut Ozil in four big games this season. pic.twitter.com/YZ9S8oey4V

— West Ham Central (@WestHam_Central) January 24, 2016

Arsenal fans right now… pic.twitter.com/m7hVeyMcde

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) January 24, 2016

I think some credit should go to Arsenal, too. They played a big part in the development of today's man of the match. Well done you Gunners

— Kelvin Barker (@ChelseaKelv) January 24, 2016

Just saying #Arsenal pic.twitter.com/VHUNx13OeN

— Jesus M. (@PP_CFC1905) January 24, 2016

Me refreshing the Arsenal Fan TV YouTube page. pic.twitter.com/WnsV5SczDe

— Tim (@timabel6) January 24, 2016

"Where's Mesut Ozil?" pic.twitter.com/1pQ7QHScJi

— Chelsea Alerts (@ChelseaAlerts) January 24, 2016

Only one man can make Arsenal win the league. pic.twitter.com/6k08WUqg7R

— ShaneLong_fan (@WxrdProwse) January 24, 2016

If an Arsenal fan tells you he can't hear you from up the table, tell him it's because you were shouting it inside a UCL trophy.

— Nwa Mbaise (@icChiddy) January 24, 2016

If you look close enough, you can just about see Mesut Ozil in John Obi Mikel's pocket… ?????? pic.twitter.com/OtTpBuf3rF

— 90min (@90min_Football) January 24, 2016

Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal broken my heart more than my Ex girlfriends


They tried to disgrace us, They didn't know we are Arsenal. Disgrace Is A Lifestyle.

— I FOLLOW BACK (@wiilkilz) January 24, 2016

Somewhere a depressed Arsenal fan is having their first narcotic substance which leads towards his drug addiction and shortened life span.

— Violent Gabriel (@GabrielKillYou) January 24, 2016

Things that are faster than Per Mertesacker 1)January 2Blackberry CURVE 2 3)Glo network 4)Tortoise 5)Snail 6)Diamond bank ATM ????????????

— Oyster Perpetual (@BrownKaftan) January 24, 2016

Has Mesut Ozil tweeted yet or are his tweets invisible, too? #NeinGunnersNein

— Chelsea HQ (@Chelsea_HQ) January 24, 2016

Arsenal jokes aside. Arsenals a joke side.

— Grant (@GrantBrooke) January 24, 2016

So… Arsenal fans have started this petition. pic.twitter.com/pIvjnnaLu7

— Chelsea Related (@Chelsea_Related) January 24, 2016

Lets not get carried away its only Arsenal

— Revive Chelsea (@CescyMaestro04) January 24, 2016

For those travelling back from the game expect delays There's a points failure in the Arsenal area

— Russell (@AnnouncePogba) January 24, 2016