The best 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or jokes from drawn-out awards night

Found the fun in a typically long drawn-out affair.

As the 2015 winner Lionel Messi will revel in the FIFA Ballon d'Or jokes from the long, drawn-out awards night
CELEBRATING: Messi (Image: L.F.Salas)

These are all the best FIFA Ballon d’Or jokes from the 2015 ceremony, a typically long drawn-out affair that eventually saw Barcelona’s Lionel Messi crowned this year’s winner.

The interaction of hosts actor James Nesbitt and Sky Sports presenter Kate Abdo, an on-stage selfie and some fancy outfits, as well as a host of accompanying awards given out in the lead up to the main event, provided much to talk about.

Relive the entire, dreary event with this selection of the best 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or jokes:

Don't you just hate it when you and your mum buy the same outfit for the #BallondOr ceremony. pic.twitter.com/a22NY1EufQ

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 11, 2016

Whoever won the arguments over Lionel's suits in previous years clearly lost this one. #boring #ballondor https://t.co/1P2XDLk1HB

— Football Collective (@fbcollectivecom) January 11, 2016

It's the #BallondOr tonight, but who is the best ever, let us know what you think? pic.twitter.com/PB5S7PPkee

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 11, 2016

This fan got a little too excited when he saw Cristiano Ronaldo on the red carpet! #BallonDor pic.twitter.com/b1YEHB2aFR

— Yakatak Football (@YakatakFootball) January 11, 2016

Half an hour to go until the #BallondOr, let's have a look at the stats… pic.twitter.com/epKgthGFsJ

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 11, 2016

This is the real #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/5eEIN25BGN

— S. (@lmaosimon) January 11, 2016

Main thing i hate about the #BallondOr is the load of dribble before the awards… pic.twitter.com/t7VuNuqw8S

— Ash ?? (@juve93cule) January 11, 2016

Paul Pogba hits the dab with Edgar Davids at the #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/IUR6bY6YMk

— Football Tweet (@Footy__Tweet) January 11, 2016

A Man Named Yaya Is Outside The #BallondOr Ceremony Pleading With The Doorman That He's Definitely On The Nominations Shortlist

— Thomas Jones (@tomj191) January 11, 2016

The #BallondOr ceremony is underway! If there's one thing fans love as much as football, it's cellos! pic.twitter.com/laAjKBay08

— Church of Soccer (@churchofsoccer) January 11, 2016

FIFA just love the strings… Well, they've been fiddling for years #BallondOr

— ?442oons? (@442oons) January 11, 2016

And the award for worst selfie ever taken goes to… #BallondOr

— DW Sports (@dw_sports) January 11, 2016

Pogba came to the #BallondOr dressed as a Ferrero Rocher LMAO pic.twitter.com/zx452gR4xE

— Craig Mitch (@CraigxMitch) January 11, 2016

Waiting for someone from the EPL to appear in the FIFA X1 #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/fscIqbR9zL

— Brian Mbunde ™ (@Brianmbunde) January 11, 2016

When you think someone is trying to crack on to your mate's girlfriend…#BallondOr pic.twitter.com/kV7WsVbwu2

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 11, 2016

When you sit next to your idol. #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/J5tMbWRXnv

— Football Reactions (@FootballReact) January 11, 2016

Man like Pogba #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/WCHyWoeZBW

— Fresh Ego Kid (@FRESHEGOKIDLTD) January 11, 2016

"They say if you really want to know a man, you have to ask his friend." They do not say that. #BallondOr

— Ryan Bailey (@RyanJayBailey) January 11, 2016

This translator is just whispering sweet nothings. And we can't even hear them. #BallondOr

— Khaya Dlanga (@khayadlanga) January 11, 2016

#Messi is so great that his reputation can survive having this man as a character witness at this #BallondOr trial. pic.twitter.com/k2X8msJQjI

— Soccer Gods (@soccergods) January 11, 2016

Where's your girlfriend, bro? #BallondOr #awkward pic.twitter.com/D66i94vXOg

— Toby Forage (@foraggio) January 11, 2016

Current scenes at Sepp Blatter's house as he watches the #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/MhpO26DXEj

— Top Corner (@HITCtopcorner) January 11, 2016

Modric thinking "how did I get here?" #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/LAPRmHmJqb

— matthew wood (@matthewwoood_) January 11, 2016

Dani Alves, channelling everyone watching at home https://t.co/XMAhZl5Z8F #BallondOr

— The Offside Rule (@OffsideRulePod) January 11, 2016

Sepp Blatter watching #BallondOr like "Hello from the other side" pic.twitter.com/Ko5m5czSWH

— Sipho (@Ckabopha) January 11, 2016

Dear diary, Look momma, I made it. #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/cK0uUx7iNo

— Jennyyyyy (@1_uswnt) January 11, 2016

Ozil is assisting the guests with drinks #BallondOr ??

— Erico Chelsea Fc ™ (@EricoDrogba) January 11, 2016

Luis Enrique right now. #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/hWxKl0pNAd

— Eurosport UK (@Eurosport_UK) January 11, 2016

My Reaction when I see only Real Madrid & Barcelona players in #FIFProX1 #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/IuwyrdLdFd

— SuperFrankieLampard (@LovingLegend08) January 11, 2016

shut up and take the #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/9dINp2JcB1

— Joy Morron (@joymorron) January 11, 2016


— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 11, 2016

FIFA Fair Play – is than an oxymoron? #BallondOr

— Ben Hayward (@bghayward) January 11, 2016

#BallondOr and chill ??

— Breezy (@AliyaahBanks) January 11, 2016

Only seems like yesterday that Roy Hodgson was voting for Mascherano… #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/bSreQx06Ia

— bet365 (@bet365) January 11, 2016

That one guy at school who kept everybody else behind. #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/ZFZla1ZJrs

— Revolution Bars (@RevolutionBars) January 11, 2016

Sat around waiting for the #BallondOr winner to be announced and Leona Lewis comes on? pic.twitter.com/mV0nPUZESk

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) January 11, 2016

#BallondOr I Blocked my friend who asked what is #BallondOr

— Arun Gokul (@arungokulvs) January 11, 2016

Friend: Who do u think is gonna take the BallondOr trophy home?? Me: The One who will win it. ?? #BallondOr

— Vikas Rai (@VikasRai55) January 11, 2016

When she asks you what is Ballondor #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/92yz0keg6I

— D (@Dipxsss) January 11, 2016


— Adam B (@Adinsci) January 11, 2016

By the time this #BallondOr ceremony is over: -Eden Hazard will have scored. -Aston Villa will have won a match. -LVG will be sacked.

— TheSportsHangout (@Sports_Hangout) January 11, 2016

*tears* *crowd applauds* #BallondOr

— LUX like Tobi SDMN (@Tobjizzle) January 11, 2016

Blatter watching the #BallondOr via Twitter like… pic.twitter.com/nMqhwKo2FA

— Nchema (@ShottaZee) January 11, 2016

Her: Stef call me. Me: I can't, watching the #BallondOr Her: What's that? Me: Football awards. Her: score? Me: pic.twitter.com/Go9pKtbCHO

— Stef (@pieMysterious) January 11, 2016

What a plot twist! KAKA wins the 2015 #BallondOr

— CapgunTom (@CapgunTom) January 11, 2016

And the winner of 2015 FIFA #BallonDor is #Cristiano pic.twitter.com/hs5fA5Ecwq

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) January 11, 2016

If Messi wins (as he should) and doesn't thank Jerome Boateng's ankles in his acceptance speech, I'll be severely disappointed. #BallondOr

— Jimmy Conrad (@JimmyConrad) January 11, 2016

"I've come to talk to you today about the benefits of targeted allocation money" – Kaká #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/MwvA7HDmuR

— Soccer Gods (@soccergods) January 11, 2016

Now 5 Times FIFA World Player of the Year #BallondOr #Messi pic.twitter.com/HZ1N6LYOBX

— Skills in Heels (@Boxofficefooty) January 11, 2016

You expected something different? #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/vl7RH073OG

— Mahia (@MahiaMutua) January 11, 2016

Ronaldo right now: #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/9smJN0noBG

— Top Corner (@HITCtopcorner) January 11, 2016

"Maybe next year, mate" #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/tqGPbwdPgw

— talkingbaws (@talkingbaws) January 11, 2016

HOW MANY #BallondOr's does daddy have? pic.twitter.com/jXqvfQtwJo

— Ahmed (@MessiCuIe) January 11, 2016

Messi's first thought. Need to get a bigger mantlepiece. #BallondOr

— CapgunTom (@CapgunTom) January 11, 2016

The after party should be interesting ?? #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/mSUEUESam3

— Sharky #MANDM (@afcSharky) January 11, 2016

"I want to thank McDonalds for adding apple slices as a Happy Meal side order option." – #Messi #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/fW6HV4pbRa

— Soccer Gods (@soccergods) January 11, 2016

I'm curious, What does Yaya Toure have to say about this??? #ballondor

— Bimbola #FireFighter (@BimbolaAwoyele) January 11, 2016

#BallondOr 2015 Thank god I was there live to see it happen…. pic.twitter.com/UtnZ4h9GaL

— IG: RAYMOND_APPLES ? (@raymondapples) January 11, 2016

Breaking: Leo Messi wins the 2015 #BallondOr. Breaking: Cristiano Ronaldo wins the 2016 #BallondOr. And so on…

— 888sport (@888sport) January 11, 2016

#BallondOr Grande Wendell!! pic.twitter.com/8QQOlM115E

— Duelos de Hinchadas (@DHinchadas) January 11, 2016

The story of Messi and the #BallondOrpic.twitter.com/fklBWw2FIo

— Renato (@th14Renato) January 11, 2016

"How did it feel like to win the trophy?" "Yes, I am happy to be here. I do it for my team." For people who didn't watch the #BallondOr

— Alawi Shahrin (@alawi_shahrin) January 11, 2016

It's pretty obvious who the real winner is #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/IqiHeIhi2j

— Kirky (@kirky0110) January 11, 2016

How CR7 has missed the #BallondOr pic.twitter.com/9EfFL8QLFD

— King A (@AdamMaina_) January 11, 2016

Enjoying the view pic.twitter.com/gKIZjHWPPL

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) January 11, 2016