More England fans jokes as violent scenes overshadow Russia clash

Uefa to take disciplinary action over behaviour of Russian supporters who charged at final whistle.

England fans jokes resulted from violence with plastic chairs
PLASTIC: Chairs (Image: Longscocoking)

There were even more England fans jokes as their team’s 1-1 Euro 2016 draw with Russia was overshadowed by violence in the stands at the Stade Vélodrome.

Russian supporters bypassed lax security to charge at their English counterparts at the final whistle, with violent clashes spilling over into the streets of Marseille before and after the match.

A “disgusted” Uefa has begun disciplinary procedures against Russia for the behaviour of their fans, which also included “racist behaviour”, setting off fireworks and firing a flare gun at England supporters.

While apparently not the aggressors in the stadium itself, there were plenty of England fans jokes as videos of bad behaviour circulated the internet:

A disappointing result for England, and a disastrous result for French plastic chairs.

— Toby Fair (@TopTopPundit) June 11, 2016

Can I vote for the people who start fights over football to leave England ?

— HUX XL (@Huxley_Music) June 12, 2016

wonder how many of those England fans chanting about leaving the EU are now getting free medical treatment with their EHIC?

— Sarah (@sarahluv81) June 11, 2016

The problem here is the Russians think England are still organised super casuals when in fact we've evolved to horse punching and jacamo

— Glenn Kitson (@Glenn_Kitson) June 11, 2016

You'd think England fans would stop singing about winning wars considering they can't even win a fight with a six piece garden furniture set

— Compo (@_Compo) June 11, 2016

Be arsed being an England fan in that stadium mate, getting roundhoused so heavily by Vladimir you'd wake up in Euro 2004

— campbell (@acampbell68) June 11, 2016

England fans if you don't want to end up on TV whilst rioting why not wear a T-shirt that says pic.twitter.com/ziUIOmklCJ

— Joe Snow (@Duke_Of_Joe) June 11, 2016

If England were sponsored by Supermalt none of these problems would happen

— #BWIGM (@JamzLdn) June 11, 2016

Every eye witness claims that England fans were attacked last night.

Twitter would rather believe Barry tweeting from his lounge in Sidcup.

— HLTCO (@HLTCO) June 12, 2016

England fans involved in yet more ugly scenes. This time involving bumbags. pic.twitter.com/1YtaBlIBam

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) June 11, 2016

England football fans protest against body-shaming. pic.twitter.com/3us5dmfIPm

— Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) June 11, 2016

Kick off delayed as England fans make their way to the game from 1983

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) June 11, 2016

Whoever them Millwall fans were sitting in the Russia end deserve a free season ticket! That's unreal!

— Mickey (@Mickeydills6) June 12, 2016

Cctv captures fan whos been attacked with super noodles #EnglandRussia pic.twitter.com/PQzFizFpQ3

— bmaca77 (@bmaca77efc) June 11, 2016