Mohamed Diamé jokes after claims he would like to join a top-6 club

Mohamed Diamé jokes after the West Ham player said he thinks he is "still" wanted by Liverpool and would like to "join a top-six side".

The Mohamed Diamé jokes arrived after the West Ham player claimed he would like to join a top-six club
KICKING OUT: Mohamed Diamé (Image: Egghead06)

A collection of Mohamed Diamé jokes after the West Ham player was quoted in several newspapers as saying he thinks he is “still” wanted by Liverpool and would now like to “join a top-six side”.

The 26-year-old reportedly said:

Two years ago I wanted to join a team with ambitions.

Overall, my season has been okay, although I think it is not up to last season. I started badly, but gradually I got my bearings.

Liverpool? I can’t tell you if I will be a Liverpool player next season. But I think my name is still on their wanted list.

I don’t hide it, I’m ambitious and I want to join a top-six side. I am 26 years old and it’s time to take that step.

So, have a read through the subsequent Mohamed Diamé jokes:

Diame wants to play for a top-six club? Could always go back to Wigan.

— neil (@OnWestHam) April 14, 2014

Mo Diame wants to join a top 6 club? In other news I want to be married to Scarlett Johannson. What has he been smoking?!

— Stuart Plant (@IronViewsStu) April 13, 2014

@LouisGrewal Wait Mohamed Diame thinks he's good enough for a top 6 team… pic.twitter.com/AFRZN4sUIf

— Tom Wheeler (@TomWheeler95) April 13, 2014

Diame: "I can play for a top six team" Mo son, go home you, you're drunk. #whufc

— David Bowden (@Bowdenwhu) April 15, 2014

Diame says he thinks LFC still have him on our wanted list for the summer. pic.twitter.com/tpNM38lO1Q

— Liverpool GFN (@LiverpoolGFN) April 14, 2014

If Liverpool sign Diame, we've got the best part of the deal

— Louis (@StaanzaaHD) April 15, 2014

Diame couldn't bloody lace a Liverpool players boot let alone play for them cheeky sod

— Turtle Boy (@JoshuaClaydon) April 15, 2014

Allardyce asked about Diame's quotes: "What, about going to a top-six club?! Aahh… well he'll have to perform better, wouldn't he?!"

— WHUFC (@Forever_WestHam) April 15, 2014



Diame can split his cab fare with Carlton Cole and our assault on Europe is in full swing

— Phteven Gerald (@BreakfastPercy) April 14, 2014

Anyone still want Diame lol.. Nah. We have Kimmy K.

— The Arsenal Horse (@thearsenalhorse) April 15, 2014

"@Gregoris96_YNWA Would love Diame at Liverpool,brilliant player,10000000000000X better than Allen anyway pic.twitter.com/OI3yRapLbu

— Siddharth (@Being_Sid_lfc) April 14, 2014

Mo Diamè "I want to play for a top six side" kk mate pic.twitter.com/MzMCFPqG8q

— WHUFCTV.com (@WHUFCTV) April 15, 2014

Diame is a top 6 player… Im sure Leicester, Burnley, QPR, Wigan, Derby or Reading would take him #Deluded

— Johnny (@JohnEddy1) April 15, 2014

VIDEO – Sam Allardyce – Mohamed Diame To A Top 6 Club? He'll Have To Perform Better! = http://t.co/s4BhrlAnwq

— Beanyman62 (@Beanyman62) April 15, 2014