Football crying puns

In honour of Steven Gerrard's tearful tableau following Liverpool's 3-2 win over Man City.

Our football crying puns made this angel burst into tear
“I’m not made of stone, you know” (Image: Kolotom)

Steven Gerrard’s tears in the aftermath of Liverpool’s 3-2 win over title rivals Manchester City got us wondering how many football crying puns we could come up with – and sadness puns aren’t allowed, just crying.

Sounds challenging, right? Well, after brainstorming a few ourselves we put it to our Facebook followers, and as ever they came up with the goods.

Here we are, then – football crying puns, in honour of Steven Gerrard…

(With thanks to Neal Clague, Jack Wake-Walker and Michael O’Rorke for their contributions)

TEAM NAME: Welling (Up) United

Cryin’ Giggs, Manchester United

Jason McA-tear, ex-Liverpool and Republic of Ireland

E-boo-hoo-é, Galatasaray

Wah Wah Touré, Manchester City

Phil-weep Coutinho, Liverpool

Neven Sob-otić, Borussia Dortmund

Victory (lachry)Moses, Liverpool

Sylvain Dustin-eye, Everton

Matt Le Tissue-r, ex-Southampton

James McKleenex, Wigan Athletic

Wim(per) Jonk, ex-Sheffield Wednesday and Holland

Whingey Kagawa, Manchester United

Alan Bawl, ex-Arsenal, Everton and England

Celestine Blub-ayaro, ex-Chelsea

Gareth Wail, Real Madrid

Sobby Sobson, ex-Newcastle United manager

David Bleat, ex-Tottenham Hotspur manager

Senti(mental) Cazorla, Arsenal

Gary Snivel, Sky Sports and ex-Manchester United

David Moist, Manchester United manager