Tweets of the Week: Henry, Schuerrle, Savage, Ferdinand and more!

John W. Henry reacts to Arsenal's bizarre Suárez bid, while Chelsea coin a fabulous collective noun

John W. Henry
Henry… Funny guy (Image: Webjedi)

As everyone knows, Tweets + of + the + Week = Tweets of the Week! Let’s kick this bad boy off with this week’s most widely reported Luis Suárez-related tweet…

Doping Accusation of the Week

John W. Henry, Liverpool owner

What do you think they're smoking over there at Emirates?

— John W. Henry (@John_W_Henry) July 24, 2013

Group Hug of the Week

André Schürrle, John Terry and Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea

Fuuuun:)) @RomeluLukaku9 #jt26 #behappy pic.twitter.com/ppOOKLPFeu

— André Schürrle (@Andre_Schuerrle) July 24, 2013

Team News of the Week

Matt Barlow, Daily Mail

One banner near me says: "No Lampard No Party", which is a shame because there's no Lampard.

— Matt Barlow (@Matt_Barlow_DM) July 25, 2013

Collective Noun of the Week

The “galaxy of flashlights” that greeted Chelsea and Indonesia

The teams walk out to a wall of noise and a galaxy of flash lights. #CFCTour

— Chelsea FC (@chelseafc) July 25, 2013

Shattered Illusion of the Week

Robbie Savage, ex-Wales

CBBC tomorrow at 10 am it's finally here … HACKER TIME !!!! Watch hacker hammer me so so funny , a very funny dog !!

— Robbie Savage (@RobbieSavage8) July 25, 2013

@RobbieSavage8 Its not really a dog you know? Its a puppet!

— Huge Media (@HugeMedialtd) July 25, 2013

Poser of the Week

Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United

Scenic pic.twitter.com/8n9lCp7pEY

— Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) July 25, 2013

Arrogance of the Week

Billy Clifford, Yeovil Town (on loan from Chelsea)

Iv got friends and iv got associates know your role

— Billy Clifford (@Bclifford47) July 25, 2013

Human Interest Aggregator of the Week

Lee Peacock, ex-Bristol City, Mansfield Town and Swindon Town

Call of duty n a turd? dont mind if i do! "Babes!i might b in here a while my guts r killing!" pic.twitter.com/bbn1jWb0az

— Lee Peacock (@LeePeacock76) July 25, 2013

Best. Tattoo. Ever. pic.twitter.com/G1IZGxlNa4

— Lee Peacock (@LeePeacock76) July 25, 2013

Appliance Misuse and Subsequent Vow of the Week

Romain Vincelot, Leyton Orient

The beard will be back… Clippers accident…

— Romain Vincelot (@romain_vincelot) July 24, 2013

Father/Son Relationship of the Week

Zak Ansah, Arsenal and Andy ‘Unbelievable Tekkers’ Ansah, ex-Southend United

What to do with today ??

— Zak Ansah (@ZakAnsah) July 25, 2013

@ZakAnsah: What to do with today ??” How about clean my car and refill it with Petrol, as I guess you have used it and it is empty?

— Andy Ansah Tekkers (@MrAndyAnsah) July 25, 2013

@MrAndyAnsah loooool decent shout Dad

— Zak Ansah (@ZakAnsah) July 25, 2013

Father/Son Relationship of the Week II

Rob Palmer, Sky Sports and his son Ellis

My teenage son takes me to a Dutch coffee shop that sells just coffee! And spends 15 mins talking coffee! @ellispalmer94: @Head1stCoffee

— rob palmer (@robbopalmer) July 25, 2013

Snap of the Week

Bryan Swanson, Sky Sports

Outdoor match in Hong Kong tonight… #wet pic.twitter.com/qwinNopadL

— Bryan Swanson (@skysports_bryan) July 25, 2013

Snap of the Week II

Max Rushden, Soccer AM

Confirmation that I am a real man. #truelad pic.twitter.com/zlsIno1if5

— Max Rushden (@maxrushden) July 24, 2013

Have an utterly splendid weekend, all!