Tweets of the Week: Nani dog, Naughton cuisine and more!

This week's best tweets include a Nani dog show and lessons in fine dining from Kyle Naughton and Bruce Dyer.

Nani… Not pictured: dog (Image: Gordon Flood)

Nani dog? Eh? By which of course we mean: it’s Football Burp’s Tweets of the Week!

Take it away, footballers (and their dogs)!

Owner of a Footballing Dog of the Week

Nani, Manchester United

Did you know my dog plays football? http://t.co/ydHgtWQ0Pj

— Nani (@luisnani) July 18, 2013

Selfie of the Week

Mario Balotelli and Ronaldo

Best in the world:-) <3 pic.twitter.com/Se9Ydk6Xag

— Mario balotelli (@FinallyMario) July 17, 2013

Sensitivity of the Week

Eric Kronberg, Sporting Kansas City

Think a bunny got trapped in my garden and died of hunger. That's like getting locked in Costco and starving to death. #stupidbunny

— Eric Kronberg (@Ekronberg) July 8, 2013

Incisive Journalism of the Week

Martin Lipton, Daily Mirror

#mufc bid for Bale a statement of their intent.

— Martin Lipton (@MartinLipton) July 18, 2013

Unintentional Smut of the Week

Bryan Oviedo, Everton

Buenas sensaciones esta pretemporada Good feeling this preseason pic.twitter.com/mPDEg0ToLA

— Bryan Oviedo (@Bryan_Oviedo) July 18, 2013

Funnies of the Week

Tyrone Mings, Ipswich Town

How to make money from Facebook: 1. Goto account settings 2. Deactivate your account 3. Get a job

— Tyrone Mings (@tyronemings1) July 17, 2013

Kenneth McEvoy, Tottenham Hotspur

A guy knocked on my door asking for a small donation for the local pool, so I gave him a glass of water.

— kenneth Mcevoy Jnr (@kennethMcevoy) July 17, 2013

Style Guru of the Week

Henri Lansbury, Nottingham Forest

Maynn I need more tats :( next week me thinks !!

— Henri Lansbury (@HenriLansbury22) July 16, 2013

Late night heart don't think u can beat it!

— Henri Lansbury (@HenriLansbury22) July 17, 2013

Loving Son of the Week

Ben Osborn, Nottingham Forest

When my mum starts talking about football she normally lasts about 3 seconds before me or my dad tell her to shut up.

— Ben Osborn (@OsbornOn1) July 17, 2013

Adopted Northerner of the Week

Bruce Dyer, ex-Barnsley, Crystal Palace and Watford

Mushy Peas or Gravy with chips ?? Gravy all day long I think ? pic.twitter.com/ZphQviNjuQ

— Bruce Dyer (@Bruce10Dyer) July 16, 2013

Goalkeepers Union of the Week

Robert Green, Queens Park Rangers and Ben Foster, West Bromwich Albion

Never seen so many similarities between Exeter and Austria as on our pre-season trips #training #training #training

— Robert Green (@Robert1Green) July 18, 2013

@Robert1Green you out in Austria too my mate! Lovely place eh, not a lot to do tho!

— Ben Foster (@BenFoster) July 18, 2013

@BenFoster hello mate, you count your crowd I'll count mine. Lowest wins #wonttakelong

— Robert Green (@Robert1Green) July 18, 2013

First World Problem of the Week

Ravel Morrison, West Ham United

so upset over that #FFS pic.twitter.com/XPppxXBn3z

— ra'vel (@morrisonravel) July 18, 2013

Pinup of the Week

Robbie Rogers, LA Galaxy

.@BuzzFeedLGBT @MattBellassai We can’t stop staring at @robbierogers either! http://t.co/uqtnjstENp

— Out Magazine (@outmagazine) July 16, 2013

Embarrassing! “@outmagazine: .@BuzzFeedLGBT @MattBellassai We can’t stop staring at @robbierogers either! http://t.co/oHcOqtoA0j

— Robbie Rogers (@robbierogers) July 16, 2013

Not Doing It Right of the Week

Chris Dawson, Leeds United

How do you injure your hamstring playing golf?!

— Chris Dawson (@Chris_dawson7) July 18, 2013

How Much?? of the Week

Ross McCormack, Leeds United

so I left couple toy boxes next to bins… I accept the fine. Don't believe it cost 900 bucks to clear them! Picked them up in a private jet

— Ross McCormack (@Rossmccormack44) July 18, 2013

Euphemism of the Week

Peter Ramage, Crystal Palace

How annoying is it when ur driving home n u need to shake hands with the babies father but every fecking turns red! #tiednot

— Peter Ramage (@peterramage83) July 18, 2013

Advice of the Week

Michael Chopra, Ipswich Town

If you think somebody is giving you a fake number, read it back to them incorrectly. See if they correct you.

— Michael Chopra (@MichaelChopra10) July 16, 2013

Indiscriminate Broadside of the Week

Ellis Harrison, Bristol Rovers

You are the strangest person I have ever met..

— Ellis Harrison (@EllisHarrison1) July 18, 2013

Haute Cuisine of the Week

Kyle Naughton, Tottenham Hotspur and Connor Brown, Oldham Athletic

Scrambled egg, tuna and sweetcorn and beans with one slice of toast. Get in my belly @Knaughts88 signature dish

— Connor brown (@BrownC02) July 18, 2013

Casting Idea of the Week

Jason Roberts, Reading

Watching…The Big Lebrowski… When I retire I am going to become my own version of…The Dude…well, without the J's …and the hair!!!

— Jason Roberts (@JasonRoberts30) July 18, 2013

Fact of the Week

Darren Eadie, ex-Leicester City and Norwich City

Hello @From_P2P elephants have chins!

— Darren Eadie (@eadie11) July 15, 2013

Sexy Chef of the Week

Peter Reid, ex-Everton, Manchester City and Sunderland

@reid6peter BBQ time x pic.twitter.com/o0cj9LxOVD

— Louise Reid (@LouReid_reidy) July 17, 2013

Image of the Week

John Hartson and The Krankies

Look who I just met,, the crankies!! pic.twitter.com/yMIyDSanMf

— John Hartson (@JohnHartson10) July 17, 2013

Have a splendid weekend, all!