10 things that would cost the same as Cesc Fàbregas

Ten things that cost the same as the £25m that Manchester United have bid for Cesc Fàbregas, including a 12-turbine wind farm

Severn Barrage
Severn Barrage… Can’t play in midfield, to be fair (Image: Alan Bowring)

With the news that Manchester United have bid £25m for Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fàbregas, Football Burp got wondering:

What else can twenty-five million of Her Majesty’s pounds get you these days?

As such, here are ten things that David Moyes’s men could spend the money on instead…

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10 things that would cost the same as Cesc Fàbregas

1. Supplying and managing Northern Ireland’s libraries for five years

2. Paying off 150 senior BBC managers

3. A new mental health inpatient facility at the former Walton Hospital site in Liverpool

4. A student accommodation and office complex on Commercial Road, East London, comprising of a nineteen-storey tower containing 417 student rooms and a 25,000 sq ft office building behind

5. Keeping the UK at the forefront of aerospace research

6. A twelve-turbine wind farm in Ross-shire

7. Buggering up Martina Hingis’s feet

8. Buggering up the bottle design of a popular soft drink

9. Covering Debenhams’ Oxford Street branch with “aluminium panels that will ripple in the wind”, part of an overhaul set to be “the biggest single re-development Oxford Street has ever seen”

10. Building a barrage from the English coast to the Welsh coast over the Severn tidal estuary

£25m has also been recently pledged to each of the following:

“Creative” help for dementia sufferers

Boosting jobs and stimulating the economy in businesses across the West of England

Tackling alcohol misuse among older people

Increasing the number of students studying further mathematics A level

School construction projects in Wales

Regenerating disadvantaged areas in Scotland

Upgrading the A14

Do you know of anything else that would cost the same as Cesc Fàbregas? Have your say in that comments thingy – you know, the one down there…