Tweets of the Week: Moyes out, Burnley up, breakfast in bed and more!

Unfair comparison! Premier League Ugly Bastard! Higginbotham confusion!

Burnley up, but Gunnarsson's got cupcakes
Cupcakes… Honorary passengers of birthday boy Aron Gunnarsson (Image: Twitter/Aron Gunnarsson)

Moyes out! Burnley up to the Premier League! Breakfast in bed! More besides! Is it Tweets of the Week? It most assuredly is…

Unfair Comparison of the Week

David Moyes, to the Munich disaster, as submitted by former Manchester United and Reading defender Chris Casper

In 1958 the heart and soul were ripped out of the club and we came back…today's not a great day but we will be back, we have to!!

— Chris Casper (@ChrisCasper1) April 22, 2014

Tad harsh on Moyes that, Chris.

Celebration of the Week

David Jones, Burnley, as dobbed in by teammate Kevin Long

Do you reckon David Jones is the only man Ever to have an ice bath & protein shake straight after gaining promotion to the premier league?

— Kevin Long (@kevinlong28) April 22, 2014

Premier League Ugly Bastard of the Week

Michael Duff, Burnley

15 years ago today I got promoted into the football league with Cheltenham, and woke up in a plate of beans!! Not much has changed #DejaVu

— Michael Duff (@Duff4M) April 22, 2014

@Duff4M and your still an ugly bastard

— Matt Crook (@mattcrook90) April 22, 2014

>excuse me! I'm a premier league ugly bastard! @mattcrook90: @Duff4M and your still an ugly bastard

— Michael Duff (@Duff4M) April 22, 2014

Forfeit of the Week

Gary Lineker, Match of the Day

@TheSunNewspaper: Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich 1-0. Over to you, @GaryLinekerpic.twitter.com/0ptvAN5bAz” < Yikes!

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) April 23, 2014

In the post match interviews can someone ask Gareth Bale for the number of his ear surgeon?

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) April 23, 2014

Premier League Footballers Do It Too of the Week

Aron Gunnarsson, Cardiff City

Bringing cakes in today #25 pic.twitter.com/oAtr0Hjz15

— Aron Gunnarsson (@AronGunnarsson1) April 22, 2014

Self-Introduction of the Week

Kei Kamara, Middlesbrough

Am I the only guy with a little television crush on @IGGYAZALEA Hi Iggy.

— KEI KAMARA (@keikamara) April 22, 2014

Animal Rights Activist of the Week

Will Hughes, Derby County

Sometimes ya gotta let the chimp out

— Will Hughes (@willhughes44) April 23, 2014

State of Confusion of the Week

Danny Higginbotham, ex-Manchester United and Stoke City

Some stats are relivent but more irrelevant than actually relevant

— Danny Higginbotham (@Higginbotham05) April 23, 2014

Come again?

Mouthpiece of the Week

Romelu Lukaku, Everton, for stricken teammate Kevin Mirallas

As Kevin Mirallas does not have any twitter account he gave the permission to send his message to all EFC through my account

— R.Lukaku Bolingoli (@RomeluLukaku9) April 22, 2014

Kevin Mirallas says : " Thank you for your support! I'm very sad because i can't help my teammates for the last 3 games. (1/2)

— R.Lukaku Bolingoli (@RomeluLukaku9) April 22, 2014

Kevin mirallas says : " I hope the team will qualify for the champions league and i will have some treatment so i'm ready for the WC 2/2 "

— R.Lukaku Bolingoli (@RomeluLukaku9) April 22, 2014

3/3 kevin mirallas says : "Once again i want to thank you and i see you all next season" #EFC #toffees

— R.Lukaku Bolingoli (@RomeluLukaku9) April 22, 2014

Trip Down Memory Lane of the Week

This thing

Ryan Giggs serves Paul Scholes breakfast in bed, the new Manchester United interim manager. pic.twitter.com/fsWYOrgNIt

— Antique Football (@AntiqueFootball) April 22, 2014

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