5 things the £5m David Moyes compensation could be spent on

Including a tudor mansion and a 50m promenade in South Tyneside.

Sawston Hall, one thing the £5m David Moyes compensation could be spent on
Sawston Hall… Up for grabs (Image: Duncan Grey)

What would YOU spend the £5m David Moyes compensation on? That’s right, the Scot pockets that significant sum as per his sacking as Manchester United manager, and we reckon he should blow it all on a spot of retail therapy to cheer him up.

As such, we skimmed the news for things that cost £5m and came up with the following…

£5m David Moyes compensation – 5 possible purchases

A Tudor-era mansion. (Read more)

Sawston Hall was built in 1584 and has three “priest holes” – we’re not quite sure what those are, but they sound ideal for hiding away in.

One of these holes was apparently crafted by the Jesuit carpenter St Nicholas Owen, who was tortured to death in the Tower of London – Moyes might like to reflect that perhaps he wasn’t treated so badly after all.

The building was home to the Huddleston family, one of the most prominent of Recusant families and probably no relation of Hull City midfielder Tom Huddlestone.

A research consortium to advance personalised medicine for schizophrenia. (Read more)

The consortium will use neuroimaging and genetic studies to “develop objective markers capable of predicting which people will respond to which medications, and ultimately aim to address the current ‘trial and error’ method of prescribing antipsychotic medications”.

Tackling a serious mental condition such as schizophrenia might imbue Moyes with the empathy and experience required to deal with the personality disorders so rife amongst top-level footballers.

And, having fielded 51 different starting line-ups in his 51 games as Manchester United manager, Moyes could do with ironing out his own ‘trial and error’ methods.

An engineering ‘studio’ in South Staffordshire to train students up for new jobs with the likes of Jaguar Land Rover. (Read more)

What better way for Moyes to reestablish his nurturing ways with burgeoning talent than to oversee a production line of really top young engineers?

It could be the Class of ’92 of engineering, and we don’t say that lightly.

Safe walking and cycling routes for schools and communities across Wales. (Read more)

What a legacy Moyes could leave here – just think how many Gareth Bales and Aaron Ramseys could be unearthed by further enabling a healthy and active lifestyle for Welsh youth?

The elderly, too – after all, Ryan Giggs will need something to do after he gets sacked early next season. He could take a nice leisurely stroll if his predecessor deigns to get his chequebook out.

A 500m promenade in South Tyneside featuring a number of original artworks and state-of-the-art decorative lighting. (Read more)

Wouldn’t that be lovely? Moyes would certainly prove himself to be no walkover when he has his own promenade named after him.

Except when people, you know, walk over it and that.

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