Tweets of the Week: Ameobi apology, Silvestre trip, gallows humour and more!

Ameobi apology! Silvestre acid trip! Travel disruption gallows humour! More besides!

Stefan Effenberg and Kevin-Prince Boateng
K-P Boateng with Stefan Effenberg…or is it? (Image: Twitter/Kevin-Prince Boateng)

Ameobi apology! Silvestre acid trip! Travel disruption gallows humour! Is it Tweets of the Week? You can bet your sweet ‘un it isn’t not…

Valentine’s Day Tweet of the Week

Whoever this is posing as Manchester United defender Phil Jones

#ValentinesDeadlineDay getting desperate now, so I'm going to go for the Odemwingie technique and just turn up at a random girl's house

— Phil Jones (@philjones53) February 13, 2014

Transmogrification of the Week

Germany legend Stefan Effenberg, into pottymouthed TV chef Gordon Ramsay

Real legend #effenberg pic.twitter.com/s63rI439ra

— Kevin-Prince Boateng (@KPBofficial) February 13, 2014

Apology of the Week

Sammy Ameobi after Newcastle United’s 0-4 defeat at home to Tottenham Hotspur


— Samuel Ameobi (@Sammy_Ameobi) February 12, 2014

Acid Trip of the Week

Former Arsenal and Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre

Look at this scary guy staring at me ! #burningwaterscantina #nyc @rhumstbarth is here ! pic.twitter.com/o7I8tAlxA5

— Mikael Silvestre (@IamMSilvestre) February 13, 2014

Checker Out of Things of the Week

Former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon

Check it out. I did. http://t.co/k1KaHVl4hi

— Lee Dixon (@LeeDixon2) February 12, 2014

Glowing recommendation, that.

BANTER! of the Week

Former Everton teammates Tim Cahill and Lee Carsley

@m8arteta @Tim_Cahill @kdkilbane77 good photo this boys #efc pic.twitter.com/TUCTqPREwg

— danny thomas (@danny_thomas86) February 12, 2014

@danny_thomas86 @Tim_Cahill @m8arteta @kdkilbane77 another one I set up…

— Lee Carsley (@lecarso) February 12, 2014

@lecarso @danny_thomas86 @m8arteta @kdkilbane77 hahahah always remembered u as the play maker @lecarso #TouchTackle

— Tim Cahill (@Tim_Cahill) February 12, 2014

@Tim_Cahill @danny_thomas86 @m8arteta @kdkilbane77 jerk..

— Lee Carsley (@lecarso) February 12, 2014


BANTER! of the Week II

BBC pundits Mark Bright and Robbie Savage

Bloody hell @RobbieSavage8 who's styling you? pic.twitter.com/JkVvwRXM5l

— Mark Bright (@Mark__Bright) February 13, 2014



Gallows Humour of the Week

Arsenal fans, in the face of the travel disruption

Arsenal fans cheering each bad travel announcement from the north. Cancellation of all trains out of Euston went down especially well.

— Paul Hayward (@_PaulHayward) February 12, 2014

Unnecessary Alarm of the Week

Dundee striker Craig Beattie

Oh tae fuck wee Rafael might be deed here!!! horrible landing

— Craig Beattie (@CraigBeats) February 12, 2014

Close Shave of the Week

Shane Duffy, Yeovil Town (on loan from Everton)

I'm still alive just, scary flight that , @lukepowellPT would have loved to see u on it

— Shane Duffy (@ShaneDuffy34) February 12, 2014

For anyone reading this in the future, it was really, REALLY windy this week.

Midweek Football Fan of the Week

George Lineker, son of Gary

Good to watch the old man doing match of the day…don't always see him on the Saturday cos I'm often out on the sauce. Good job

— George Lineker (@GeorgeLineker) February 12, 2014

Stating the Bleedin’ Obvious of the Week

Mike Parry, talkSPORT

Really rough for footy fans whose games are abandoned after travelling long distances but much worse for people whose homes are wrecked

— Mike Parry (@mikeparry8) February 13, 2014

Those were our Tweets of the Week. Join us on Monday for our Tweets of the Weekend!