Top 10 Fernanda Lima videos

After her inspired performance at the Brazil 2014 World Cup draw, this is a collection of the top 10 Fernanda Lima videos.

The Brazil 2014 World Cup draw, one of the best Fernanda Lima videos
Lima (far right) was a highlight of the draw (Image: Agência Brasil)

After her inspired performance at the 2014 World Cup draw, everyone’s talking about that girl, so we’ve gathered together a list of the top 10 Fernanda Lima videos for your viewing pleasure.

Whether you’ll be attending Brazil 2014 or not, you’re bound to find some affinity with the South American country after watching the clips accompanied by dubious Google Translated descriptions below.

So, now it’s time to check out the top 10 Fernanda Lima videos!

First, let’s remind ourselves of that unforgettable World Cup draw appearance…

Fernanda Lima at the 2014 World Cup draw

Fernanda Lima is Miss Elegance at Miss Brasil USA 2009

Fernanda Lima, eleita Miss Elegancia no concurso Miss Brasil USA 2009 regional Newark, NJ, em 18.10.09. Desfile de biquini.

… Google Translated to:

Fernanda Lima, elected Miss Elegance at Miss Brazil USA 2009 Regional Newark, NJ, in 18:10:09. Bikini Parade.

Fernanda Lima GQ magazine cover shoot

O cinza a afastou de São Paulo. Que pena. Ela agora acorda bem cedo, no Rio de Janeiro, faz sua ioga. Ela agradece pelo silêncio da manhã em sua casa, comendo amoras que amadurecem do dia para a noite ali, no jardim. São 34 anos de vida de Fernanda Lima, capa da “GQ” de outubro, uma loira gélida somente para olhos desatentos. Leia mais em www.gq.com.br e na edição nas bancas.

… or:

Gray pulled away from São Paulo. What a shame. She now wakes up early, in Rio de Janeiro, do your yoga. She appreciates the silence of the morning at his home, eating blackberries that ripen from day to night there, in the garden. There are 34 year life of Fernanda Lima, the cover of “GQ” October, an icy blonde only inattentive eyes. Read more in www.gq.com.br and editing on newsstands.

Fernanda Lima in Pé na Jaca

Wikipedia says:

Pé na Jaca is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo from November 20, 2006 and June 15, 2007.

Fernanda Lima in Havaianas Flip-Flops advert

Fernanda Lima learns to lap dance

Fernanda Lima faz aula de lap dance em Nova Iorque.

… or:

Fernanda Lima does lap dance class in New York.

Fernanda Lima on Amor & Sexo

O assunto era silicone, ai chamaram umas modelos para os jurados descobrirem qual era peito de verdade ou de silicone, ai teve umas modelos que mostraram os peitos com tudo ao vivo.

The subject was silicone, one called al models to discover which jurors chest was real or silicone, there was some models showing breasts with everything live.

Fernanda Lima in KY Jelly advert

Getting “hot and steamy” with fellow World Cup draw compère and long-term partner Rodrigo Hilbert.

Fernanda Lima does Yoga

Brazilian celeb and yoga instructor Fernanda Lima displaying her long and limber neck while doing the so-called cobra pose etc. (this clip is longer than one I posted previously, and contains the best scene from her DVD at the right speed).


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