Tweets of the Weekend: Kamara on the train, Lego, canoes & more

Tweets of the Weekend, featuring Dyche's Lego lookalike, Kamara hanging out by the toilets on the train, Darke's canoe and much, much more.

Chris Kamara, whose train courting featured in this week's Tweets of the Weekend
Have you seen this man on a train? (Image: ChrisKamara.com)

We’ve been treated to some wonderful football over the past couple of days, but you don’t care about that, the real action is to be found in our Tweets of the Weekend!

This week featuring Sean Dyche’s Lego lookalike, Chris Kamara hanging out by the toilets on the train, Ian Darke’s canoe, plus much, much more.

So, without any further delay, let’s get straight to the Tweets of the Weekend!

Fancy Dress Outfits That Begin With The Letter N of the Weekend

Offered by Brian Jensen, Bury goalkeeper

@Rchap04 nudist !! Ninja !! Ninja turtle !! Nun !! Nadal !! When are you guys going mate ?

— Brian Jensen (@jensen_com) December 7, 2013

Big Announcement of the Weekend

Aaron Doran, Inverness Caledonian Thistle

Think it's time I Came out! Big Announcement Coming Soon Watch this Space!

— Aaron doran (@Aarondoran17) December 7, 2013

Why am i so good looking wow!! Need a cup of behave myself smoking

— Aaron doran (@Aarondoran17) December 7, 2013

Medicals of the Weekend

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce and Neil Warnock

I appreciate that Glazernomics isn't the sexiest topic in the world. So instead I give you this. You're welcome. pic.twitter.com/slYUYaQECt

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) December 7, 2013

Hello ladies. pic.twitter.com/xS34h77nuG

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) December 7, 2013

Spelling Knobs of the Weekend

Fought off by John Aldridge

Sorry about not checking the spelling of the tweet,I was seething and done it without checking,so all the knobs get of my back.

— John Aldridge (@Realaldo474) December 7, 2013

Lego Lookalike of the Weekend

Burnley manager Sean Dyche and his Lego likeness, found by West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster

Hahahahahaha!! Found a Lego Sean Dyche in my boys Advent calendar! pic.twitter.com/wmRgPnoCSO

— Ben Foster (@BenFoster) December 6, 2013

World Cup Transport of the Weekend

A canoe, acquired by BT Sport commentator Ian Darke

Have already purchased canoe for trip down Amazon to Manaus.

— Ian Darke (@IanDarke) December 7, 2013

Stat of the Weekend

Ventured by Leon Knight

90% of girls will do anything for fame. #OYE

— leon knight (@leonknight1982) December 6, 2013

Good Deed of the Weekend

Nottingham Forest youngster Ben Osborn

Good deed of the decade done for me. Found a dead iphone on the floor; took it home, looked after it, fed it and returned it to it's owner.

— Ben Osborn (@OsbornOn1) December 6, 2013

Train Courtship of the Weekend

Sky Sports’ Chris Kamara

Any Fellow/ Lady Tweeters on this train?? Come & find me, you can't miss me, I am hanging out round by the Bogs haha as you do!!

— Chris Kamara (@chris_kammy) December 8, 2013

Nearly Man of the Weekend

Arsenal Photographer David Price

I'll have to delete this shot. So nearly a great goal and nearly a good picture #choppedhisheadoff pic.twitter.com/dBM00PUizQ

— David Price (@priceyd101) December 8, 2013

Drink of the Weekend

Water, as tasted by Dominic Samuel, Reading

Water taste so nice when your thirsty

— Doms (@DominicSamuel9) December 8, 2013

Pundit Rivalry of the Weekend

Steve Claridge mocks Garth Crooks’s outfit and Alan Hansen’s eyebrow

Garth crooks was wearing "tight" jeans today for the show and its official, he has a bigger arse than ballou !

— Steve Claridge (@SteveClaridge) December 7, 2013

Now that poirot is finished, has he put his tache on Alan hansens right eye?

— Steve Claridge (@SteveClaridge) December 8, 2013

Pertinent Question of the Weekend

Posed by FIFA

QUESTION: @Everton & @ussoccer GK Tim Howard shaved his beard, but which footballer has the best facial hair and why? pic.twitter.com/V4eTHHvXZW

— FIFA.com (@FIFAcom) December 8, 2013

Loss of the Weekend

Ryan Taylor’s basketball

I'm devastated that 'The Grinch' threw my basketball in the river!!!!!

— Ryan Taylor (@TaylorR1984) December 8, 2013

Fancy Dress of the Weekend

The Newcastle United players at the club’s Christmas party

Christmas party .. Guess who's who? Great effort by the lads!! pic.twitter.com/tbnEWI53Z3

— Tim Krul (@TimKrul) December 8, 2013

Gangster, The Joker and Micky Mouse pic.twitter.com/PazsvfQrHV

— Steven Taylor (@27StevenTaylor) December 8, 2013