Ten things that cost the same as… Gervinho

Here’s Gervinho closing down Sunderland’s Seb Larsson

£10m Ivorian forward Gervinho looked to be finding his feet at Arsenal with a series of goals from a central attacking position earlier this season, but he now looks back to his frustrating worst.

His poor showing in Saturday’s 1-0 FA Cup defeat to Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates came as the latest in a string of indicators that he is destined to be remembered by Gunners fans as a player who very occasionally showed flashes of quality but mostly made them want to scream into a pillow.

Naturally, Football Burp got thinking about what else ten million of Her Majesty’s pounds might get you these days, so here for your delectation and/or information are ten recent examples of things that cost the same as Gervinho…(click on each thing in question to read more about it)…

Ten things that cost the same as Gervinho

The regeneration of a dozen historic Scottish towns.

A network of local inns in traditional market towns.

Some friends for popular children’s TV character Rastamouse.

More sanitary public conveniences all over Britain.

A collection of ornamental pieces of 16th and 17th century silver and gold bequeathed by a collector to the Ashmolean museum in Oxford.

A fully operational Fire and Rescue Service in Lancashire.

Three quarters of a ton of Iron Age coins that were buried “to protect them from Julius Caesar”.

Renewable energy businesses in Northern Lincolnshire.

One year’s worth of keeping the tax man off poor Starbucks’s back.

Lifetime care for a man who was left brain damaged after being treated for croup as a baby.

£10m is also the amount that…

…RBS and NatWest paid out to “300,000 customers who have forgotten to take their money from a cash machine and as a result it has been swallowed back up”.

…Goldman Sachs’s London chief Michael Sherwood took home as a bonus this year.

…schools will save in a new deal with Microsoft that frees up funds for “frontline teaching rather than back office administration”.

Do you know of anything else that costs the same as Gervinho? Have your say in the comments section below…