Jonny Forumer: Swans in dreamland

Swans in dreamland

Swansea City’s 3-0 win over West Ham United at the Liberty Stadium on Saturday made it played two, won two, scored eight, conceded none for Michael Laudrup’s humming Swans side – as such, who could resist swanning it down to Planet Swans to see how the club’s online fan base is reacting to this remarkable start to the so-called “difficult second season” in the Premier League…

Swansea City winger Wayne Routledge
Routledge… Ready-made Sinclair replacement? (Img: dalli58)

Brynmill Jack…

I was walking to the Landore club car park and two gentlemen in their 60’s were excitedly talking about a cup final appearance this year. There seems to be serious optimism about what we can achieve this year, and the players and manager look seriously hungry for it. These are great days for everyone associated with the club and I can’t wait for Wednesday !


Michu’s goal had three great things for me. Effort, anticipation and predatory instinct. He was on his bike before Collins even made the pass. Pretty sure you can’t teach that.


Sinclair would have revelled this year with these tactics. Routledge to take full advantage of his departure.


Tactically we are, and are going to be, much more challenging to suss this season. At times last year we were very predictable. This year our front 4 are going to be very difficult to pick up for defences. I feel we are going to get to a stage where all 4 will effectively rotate/interchange with each other. That started yesterday where we had Dyer/Routledge both on the same side at time. Likewise where Michu was playing ahead of Graham. Nightmare for defences.


In the start of the game, there was alot of passing going on, also in the back four. This can often look as if it doesn’t go anywhere. But a strength of this sort of game is, that you make the opposition run and run some more.

So West Ham had given up after three nil is the general consensus. But another point of view is, that into the second half, the big lads from West Ham were out of breath and not doing the chasing they did in the start. They had been worn down simply.

So it wouldn’t surprise me, if Swansea are going to score more goals in second half than in the first.

We saw another thing once in the game, the big shift from side to side. This ability is an important aspect of this sort of game. If you don’t do it the space will crowd up, and it becomes too easy to defend against the short passing game.

Making the side to side long pass, forces the opposition to spread out and opens up the game for your type of play.

Now looking at the Ki videos, Ki does exactly this plenty of times, precise long pass diagonal or to the other side of the pitch. I think he can add to the table for this alone.

The irony is, that these longballs take skill. So those who cant shall shortpass and drible like they are Maradona, and only the best on the team are allowed to hoof it.


gotta say this is the most excited i have ever been about a swansea team in 40 years of watching them. michu and chico are going to be (if not already) legends. will have to wait and see what ki will do…but from what ive seen hes going to fit in perfectley.


Yes I believe we are going to give someone a right drubbing/ tonking/ tuning/ hammering/ total annihilation/ complete humiliation etc etc this year and put 6+ goals past them. Maybe we can break Spurs record of 9.
ML hasn’t had long to work with the all the lads yet. Just thinking what it’s going to be like, when he has had another 3 or 4 weeks or even a couple of months.
These are the most exciting tactics , I have ever seen our team play, including when we were at the top table before.
Yes, we are always going to make mistakes, even Barca and Real do that.
But, these times are just great, so enjoy, chill, sing your hearts out supporting the lads, can’t see anything to be disappointed with.
WHU looked totally knackered about 10-15 mins into the 2nd half. That’s when I believe we are going to give a team a right drubbing (just love that word!).


Listening to some of the soundbites out of Laudrup, it seems we will tend to use a lot more common sense tactically.

Some of it is obvious but most managers dont see it/use it. ie.. yesterday, their left back was struggling (McCartney was it?) and we just overloaded him through Dyer/Rangel time and time again, then Routledge joined in. Not so much went down the left hand side.

Expect us to target booked players, dodgy keepers and carthorses.

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