Spurs fan rants about rivals on Tube train
(Image: Twitter/Tommy Lewis)

VIDEO: Spurs fan rants about rivals on Tube train



Fucking carnage pic.twitter.com/21zQSxFp3V

— Tommy Lewis (@_tommylewis) May 9, 2020

A Tottenham supporter was recorded droning on about rival clubs while alongside other passengers on a London Underground train.

The unidentified man is already in full flow, holding a newspaper in his seat when someone sitting opposite him starts filming.


— Al Carr (@alcarr1875) May 10, 2020

Apparently spotting a Liverpool fan in the same carriage, he starts talking about Jürgen Klopp’s side before moving on to Arsenal and Chelsea.

Eventually standing up to be beside the window, the bloke continues to discuss the “carnage” between the capital’s Premier League sides.