Jonny Forumer: Wigan fans react to Moses Chelsea move

Jonny Forumer

Hi folks, Jonny Forumer reporting for duty. Victor Moses has completed his £9m move from Wigan Athletic to Chelsea, with the player’s former club Crystal Palace set to nab some of the proceeds, so I hung around outside various Latics message boards listening in on what the good folk inside had to say about this promising young talent and how he might fare under Roberto Di Matteo at Stamford Bridge…

Moses… Divides opinion

yosser_hughes, Cockney Latic

Finally, What a great deal, Ramis, Kone and Miyachi are virtually free transfers now, Haha thanks Chelsea. Moses is a mug and so are Chelsea. Wave goodbye to your career Victor, See you back at Palace in a few years in the cup.

I would say good luck but the way him and his agent have conducted themselves over the summer doesn’t warrant it. Another big money sale courtesy of the hardest nosed chairman in the land. He never ever get’s done

hpsauce, This Northern Soul

Good luck to the lad, I think he’ll be aspiring to be on the bench.

Funny isn’t it, the lowest point for Bobby last season was the Swansea game when he left Diame, Moses and Rodallega on the bench, now all three have gone and we’ve barely missed a beat….

Welcome to the Martinez revolution I guess.

camltoe, Wiganer.net

Shame, would have loved to see him develop into the finished article here, but wish him well all the same.

I hope for his sake, RDM is genuine in his interest in the lad and he gets a decent run out.

Can’t blame the lad for having his head turned towards European football by the Champions League winners.

pemblue_1932, Cockney Latic

think the lads made a huge mistake, yes he might have a few more quid in the bank but cant see him playing much first team football. good luck anyway, thanks for the 9 mill you’ve been done you cockney mugs

Sleeplessnights, This Northern Soul

No 2 ways about it the lad was good, always had me on the edge of my seat when he had the ball at his feet, just like Peter Houghton did in the old days.
Personally I wish the lad well and thank him for his efforts im keeping us in the Prem.

SuperKing 1982, Wiganer.net

For me this could be career suicide for Moses, it would be nice if he goes there and proves me wrong but with the quality Chelsea he wont get near the first team. The majority of modern footballers are all about the ££££ instead of natural career progression ala Valencia.

I think Victor is a great player with bags of skill that could no doubt play for a Champions League team, however this move is at least a season, possibly even two, too early for him imo, he needs first team football to grow, the occasional cup appearance will only hamper him in the long run, however as his appearances decreases his bank balance will increase, which is maybe not a problem for him.

I do wish him all the best tho at Chelski and would like him to prove me wrong.

area51, Cockney Latic

We’ve lost many a better player than Moses before and we have been fine. He is a decent player on his day. His days are few and far between.

icwilde, This Northern Soul

Victor Moses – the new Shaun Wright-Phillips. More than one or two similarities.

AppleyBridgeLatic, Cockney Latic

We’ve got £9 million for a player who isn’t worth £9 million, in my opinion.

He’s full of tricks, and can look very good. But his final ball is woeful. I don’t think he’s as good as is believed by either his agent, or himself. Has he earned his move? No, not in my mind. Antonio Valencia actually earned his move. Palacios earned his move as well, as did Heskey really. They put in a full shift, where as in Moses case, as others have stated, he could appear lazy, almost a little bit dare I say, aloof?

There is another side to this as well. I’m not sure when the next African Nations is, but as he’s elected to represent Nigeria, Moses will no doubt be jetting off to play in that, so he’s be missing for at least a few weeks towards back end of the season anyway, be it this season or next.

So in my mind, it’s good business. However I cannot see Roberto being given the full £9 million to spend on a replacement. Personally, I would be straight in for Matt Phillips, and possibly Tom Ince as well. Be bold. Offer them a deal for both.

jrfatfan, Cockney Latic

This is a typical reaction by fans to a player who leaves to join another club and I’m probably included in this.

If he stays, he is a great prospect who can get you at the edge of your seat with his trickery and pace. The scoop trick gets a great roar of anticipation from the crowd, he can beat players with ease.

If he goes, he is a one trick pony who can’t put a good cross in, can’t pass or make the right decision when the goal is at his mercy.

Just seen his stats for last season on SSN and it looks pretty impressive.

The lad IMHO is already a better than average premier league winger who might end up being something special in the next 2-3 years.

That my friends is why Chelsea have finally decided to pay the reported £7m up front with add ons up to £9m.
Who do you think does their scouting, Stevie Wonder?

Standish Walker, Cockney Latic

Not always JR. Everyone clearly recognised Everton had got a great signing in Baines, likewise United in Valencia, Spurs in Palacios, and even Villa when they signed both N’Zogbia and Heskey.

Moses isn’t a one-trick pony, he’s a show pony; he has all the tricks and flicks that make him look a blinder on Match Of The Day, but for every bit of brilliance he shows, there are another half dozen times that he elects to dribble and loses the ball instead of passing, or he ambles back, uninterested, allowing his opposite number free rein.

Diame also has a bag of tricks, and was guilty of much the same as Moses at times. But look how the team played without him in the starting eleven: sometimes a more functional player who is willing to play for the team and stick to tactics is a much better option as was proven with McCarthur.

In all honestly I would have liked Moses to stay, but I’m not overly concerned that he’s gone as I think this will signal the appearance of our young Japanese loanee, who, by all accounts is a team player, and shows intelligence – which is something Moses is severely lacking in.

As for Chelsea’s scouting system – who knows how they draw up their shortlist? They’ve had a shocking array of duffers and young lads who have arrive in amidst a fanfare and then been offloaded three years down the line.

Good luck Victor, but I think you’re a silly boy who’ll end up leaving Chelsea in a sulk with very little playing time under your belt.

How do you think Victor Moses will do at Stamford Bridge, Wigan and Chelsea fans? Have your say in the comments section below…