Jonny Forumer: Chelsea fans debate Torres form

Jonny Forumer

It’s three goals in four games so far this season for Fernando Torres after his strike in Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Newcastle United at the weekend – but is the £50m Spanish striker back to his devastating best? Jonny Forumer sat and eavesdropped while the Stamford Bridge faithful’s online communities debated this very matter…

Chelsea and Spain striker Fernando Torres
Torres… New lease of life? (Img: rayand)

Cunning Stunt, The Shed End

I don’t actually think he’s playing significantly better than he was last season, but he will score more goals this year for 2 reasons: he’s almost guaranteed to start every game, and he has more than one player who can help him in attack.

bluenawaz, CFCnet

Di Matteo is the best manager that torres could have.Always sticks by him and by now he has learnt to handle him.
Thats 8 goals in his last 16 not to mention the assists and a number of goal scoring opportunities he has created.Saying “now he’s back” is a massive understatement.He was back,when RDM was made the caretaker manager.

dkw, The Shed End

I think he is playing a lot better than last season, much more positive and his first touch seems a lot sharper. Last season when he received the ball he almost always looked to get rid of it, showing a serious lack of confidence. So far this season he looks forward immediately, he looks to run or lay off and go. His movement for his goal yesterday was outstanding, took a defender one way then switched and ran onto Hazards back heel.

Bridgejunky, CFCnet

Along with Martin “I’m not having him” Allen, I may just be the longest standing Torres critic anywhere but you have to tell it as you see it and Nando was excellent yesterday. Yes, maybe there were elements of his performance we could nitpick about but our centre forward did what he can do against Newcastle and he did it well.

If I were to write down a list of my top centre forwards there would be a lot of names on it ahead of Fernando Torres but if he plays like he did yesterday he’ll shut me up and keep a smile on my face. I was very happy with his display.

Ozztheboss, The Shed End

i think 99% of his performances this season boils down to the fact that he’s really really fast again. when he first came here (and under avb’s spell) he couldn’t run past a brick even if his life depended on it. now, he leaves people for dust, both on long distances and those extremely rapid accelerations inside the box (against wigan, reading and newcastle).

anyway, it’s great that he scores. he still needs to shoot a bit more, especially when he cuts inside, and i don’t mind him challenging more inside the box either. once the team really starts to gel and understand each others movements, then i’m thinking that torres could be a challenge for the top scorer title. at least he’s constantly in scoring position, and his finishing so far this season (pretty much since the barcelona game) has been more than good enough for a world class striker.

Karan, CFCnet

Was astonished that he was willing to be alot more competitive at headers against the defenders during the Newcastle game. Its not a natural element to his game but still pleasantly surprised at the effort.

Davey Baby, The Shed End

The idea that he was playing well last season was just fantasy. He himself admitted he lacked confidence and avoided getting into scoring positions. The most frustrating thing was that he refused to drive into the box and look for goals, and, as far as I’m concerned, we were playing without a centre-forward when he was playing up top. Obviously he had the odd good game and he contributed (as sub) against Napoli, Barcelona and Bayern, so it was still a successful season as far as we’re concerned, but you have hit the nail on the head. Confidence. Long may it continue. He really was good yesterday, far from his best (as Zeta correctly asserts), but the signs are good. At least he resembles a centre-forward now.

Regarding his pace, I go along with Zeta, he is nowhere near his level of 3 or 4 years ago. Nowhere near. That acceleration off the first few yards has gone, and I don’t think it will ever come back.

Still, the goal, the penalty, the lay off for Bertrand, the bit of skill, his movement. I was impressed, and I don’t say that about Torres often.

ShIbby_cFc, CFCnet

If I have one criticism about his general play it is that he tries to do too much sometimes. When his dribbles come off they look great (won a pen) and he had a nice one against Reading. But trying them too much (and failing) can get frustrating and I think he should play the simple pass more often.

Overall I like what I have seen though and to be honest its no real surprise as I always believed we wouldn’t see the best of Torres until Drogba left.

3 in 4 games is a good start to the season and I hope he keeps it up.

Is Fernando Torres back to his best, Chelsea fans? Have your say in the comments section below…