Jonny Forumer: Liverpool fans get behind Rodgers

Jonny Forumer

Morning, folks – Jonny Forumer reporting for duty. Yesterday’s 2-0 defeat to Arsenal at Anfield left Brendan Rodgers without a win in his first three games as Liverpool manager, leading to hysterical calls for the former Swansea City boss’s head from the club’s global fan base on Twitter. In stark contrast, the denizens of online Reds communities Red and White Kop and KopTalk appear to be dealing a little more rationally with their side’s worst start in fifty years…

Brendan Rodgers
Rodgers… Not over and out (Img: Bernard Chan)

.Mike, Red and White Kop

He is going to be a top manager. See him as another Pardew.

telekon, Red and White Kop

When you walk through a storm hold your head up high.

Let’s get behind Buck and the team and show our support!

zip, Red and White Kop

I think everyone’s behind him, at least I hope so. His first 5 games are a real baptism of fire and the owners don’t really help either, not willing to cough up a few million quid for a striker.

79ceb, KopTalk

my opinion is brendon rodgers is also to blame a little too. yes he might have been done over by FSG in the transfer window but from what I saw today the tactics changed very little. he as to take the blame for the ball spending too much time with are defenders and how the team is set up to play. he should be playing to squads strengths not making them play in away he likes. we all like how barca play but you can’t do that in EPL. the defenders do not get time on the ball like they do abroad. for me he was hired as yes man and this is probably one of the reasons why kenny got the push. there is noway kenny would have let the squad be stripped the way it as. without cover

PIPA, Red and White Kop

only crazy people would want the manager to be sacked already..

or anytime near untill he finishes HIS OWN IDEA for thsis club, backed by another profit driven owners…

i feel sad for the manager already and i´m 100% behind him, just hope he will stay..

Chris2402, KopTalk

We had a monster of a striker when the ball is in the air, we let him go then dink the ball into Arsenal’s box all the time, why?

Anton_LFC_, Red and White Kop

Im fully behind Rodgers, its not the style thats the problem its the players (or lack of) playing it! And also massive mistakes made which were clearly more focused on financial benefits than the team

Stanley Park, KopTalk

I am more than happy with Rodgers. He has had to clear out more or less the entire rabble KK signed. Enrique on the verge of the team and downing moved to left back. Otherwise all gone. Rodgers is not the problem its FSG and KP you will know I have been going on about them for years.

MrCool, Red and White Kop

We could finish 16th I’d still be behin him. Really believe in this but I understand it might take some time and a couple of transferwindows..

TheKopProphet, KopTalk

SP – I really like BR – I think he has a touch of Shanks about him. I like the cut of his jib. I think he’ll do well if given time. But FSG have to back him.

The only complaint I have about BR is the doggedness of the “System.” When it doesn’t work – teams find it very easy to defend against and then you get behind and have no workable strategy. I thought Carroll of the bench gave us something different. I fear that BR will do a Dalglish and just persist with his signings even if they play poorly. Borini is just no threat on the right… and Suarez doesn’t look comfortable up top. Switch them – bring in Pacheco, Morgan, Yesil… just don’t keep repeating what fails. Although I realise it’s early days….

clinical, Red and White Kop

We need stability now. We should never have sacked Benitez, but it happend we move on. Look what stability can bring you (see Moyes at the blueshite). We seem to have a game plan which I don’t think we did with Kenny, and the less said about Roy the better.

LiamH, KopTalk

i think Rodgers is a great manager, but seein how FSG has performed and the rumours going round about them, it would take an act of God himself to get us back to top 4 level in the next few seasons. Rodgers had got rid of all them players because as he said himself he had full confidence in bringing in 2 or 3 on the last day. Now it looks like FSG are just out to get as much money as they can before they sell. If Rodgers had got the backing Kenny had I bet we would all be alot more confident.

Zlenpasha, Red and White Kop

There is nothing to do but support Rodgers, we have no alternative really.
Also I’ve really not seen people jumping on his back, nor do I think it would be easily tolerated by most, no matter the results.

Welsh_Wizard, KopTalk

BR is the right man yet where KK was supported in the transfer market, BR Is not being backed.

BR is the right man for the job and he has got rid of the deadwood.

The honest deadwood who want to prove they can play, not greedy so and so’s like Joe Cole.

Lenin, Red and White Kop

I wish he would stand up on the touchline instead of slovenly sitting on that board thing like some Sam Alladyce wannbe.

vish mauritius, KopTalk

Sorry mate, since the WBA game I’ve lost faith and unfortunately not getting any back. We played ok (not better than last year though) against City, but were relatively bad against a weak Hearts team and today was just a confirmation for me. I was not even surprised. But should I expect more? On which basis.

Sorry to say this, but, what is BR’s achievement so far, to come 11th in the league + some decision maker (I don’t know who) thought that we were one centre forward too many, shipping AC away without rreplacement + our owners believing we can play like Barca without investing too much. Are we in dreamland?

Carlos Alberto, Red and White Kop

I am still happy with him, give it time he seems like a really smart man and everything he has said has impressed me the past results have been down to the players, and the current shit feeling before the game was because of FSG not signing a striker for us.

Anywho’s remember last season? Spurs lost there opening three games and got thrashed at home 5 – 1 to Manchester City, and Aresnal last season lost us at emirates and there third game lost 8 – 2 at old trafford and look how it worked out for them.

The only downside though is we really need a striker because it’s difficult to see where the goals are going to come from this season, it that means sign Owen then so be it if it makes us a better team i don’t get the bitterness towards him anyway he had a chance to join Manchester Utd has he said anything bad about us or anything? Not like we was in for signing him back again and he chose the mancs some people need to grow up.