Football Tweets of the Weekend: Mark Lawrenson special

The 2013 Confederations Cup was excellent entertainment, except for one thing (Image: Torcedor Mateense)

Our football tweets of the weekend aren’t all about Mark Lawrenson but, in the wake of his bizarre attempt at punning on the name of Brazil forward Fred, a fair few of them are…

Mark Lawrenson Tweets of the Weekend

Andrew Shinnie, Birmingham City

He looks like he's been in the fredge lawro's having one!!!

— Andrew Shinnie (@andy_shinnie) June 30, 2013

Grant McCann, Peterborough United

Mute time can't listen to this clown any more. "Looks like he's been in the Fredge as well" what da? #lawrensonisaclown

— Grant mccann (@grantmccann11) June 30, 2013

Jody Morris, ex-Chelsea and Leeds United

'Looks like he's been in the fredge'…pardon???

— jody morris (@morriskid) June 30, 2013

Ian Taylor, ex-Aston Villa and Port Vale

RT“@morriskid: 'Looks like he's been in the fredge'…pardon???” > Haha! I know!! #mutebutton

— Ian Taylor (@IanTaylor7) June 30, 2013

John Oster, ex-Everton, Reading and Sunderland

Lawrenson is an absolute clown! Stop using people's surnames for ur shitty jokes.

— John Oster (@johnnyost) June 30, 2013

Barry Hayles, ex-Fulham

Shut up lawro u r an egg

— BARRY HAYLES (@Thebarryhayles) June 30, 2013

Mark Lawrenson of the Weekend (other than Mark Lawrenson)

Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United


— Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) June 30, 2013

Heckle of the Weekend

This guy

All men are created equal, some just work harder in pre-season… pic.twitter.com/4RRUec3u0S

— Jason Roberts (@JasonRoberts30) June 30, 2013


— Jackduff (@duffyj92) June 30, 2013

Jermaine PedantJermaine Pedant says… You’re.

Forthrightness of the Weekend

Johnnie Jackson, Charlton Athletic

View from my room at thé training camp. #notbad #happydays

— paul hayes (@hayesy9) June 30, 2013

@hayesy9 no picture you bell

— Johnnie Jackson (@johnnie_jackson) June 30, 2013

Super Cool Super Weekend of the Weekend

Louis Saha

Super weekend Eurodisney en famille. Marathon des roller coasters mais super cool. Roller coaster marathon but such good fun. Thanks

— louis saha (@louissaha08) June 30, 2013

Quoter of the Weekend

Louis Saha

Watch After Earth movie with kids. "Son, Danger is real but Fear is a choice" and " son, on ur knees, calm" Thanks for thoses lines. Be used

— louis saha (@louissaha08) June 30, 2013

“Had a Few” of the Weekend

Peter Reid, ex-Manchester City and Sunderland manager

Kenny Rogers go on uncle Paddy , you took I fine time ….

— Peter Reid (@reid6peter) June 30, 2013

“Blimey, What Happened Last Night?” of the Weekend

Roman Michael-Percil, Tottenham Hotspur

Sex with you is like the feeling that you get when all your friends surprise you on your birthday

— Roman Michael-Percil (@RMPercil) June 30, 2013

“I Can’t Work in These Conditions” of the Weekend

Rhys McCabe, Sheffield Wednesday

Fair to say this Swfc gear is the worst ever ! The tracksuit bottoms also come in small-med-large-XL .. But somehow I have XXXL #RickFlairs

— rhys mccabe (@rhysmccabe16) June 30, 2013

“Yes, These Conditions Will Do Just Fine” of the Weekend

Gary Madine, Sheffield Wednesday

Good day at owls in the park appreciate the support! And 2 the girl on the stage who said 'sign my t*t*' lol I heard u!

— Gary Madine (@GaryMadine9) June 30, 2013

Never Off Duty of the Weekend

David Templeton, Rangers

Where's good for lunch I can take my misses today ??

— David Templeton (@dtempleton89) June 30, 2013

Jermaine PedantJermaine Pedant says… Leave your professional life at home and take your missus out for lunch instead!

Accidental Fawlty Towers of the Weekend

Nathan Craig, Torquay United

Any supermarkets open in Torquay at the moment? Forgot it was Sunday!!

— Nathan Craig (@nathancraig20) June 30, 2013

Music Critic of the Weekend

Lee Molyneux, Accrington Stanley

Mumford & Bore offs.

— Lee Molyneux (@Moly24) June 30, 2013

Film Critics of the Weekend

Conor Pepper, Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Danny Rogers, Aberdeen

Seen the new superman film today! Some said its brutal some said its good I think it's decent best superman film there's been

— Conor Pepper (@Conor_Pepper) June 30, 2013

@Conor_Pepper worst film iv seen all year was absolutely terrible

— Danny Rogers (@DannyRogers7) June 30, 2013

@DannyRogers7 I thought it was alright haha why u think it was shite ?

— Conor Pepper (@Conor_Pepper) June 30, 2013

@Conor_Pepper they smashed each other three buildings while film then died in a head lock?

— Danny Rogers (@DannyRogers7) June 30, 2013

@DannyRogers7 he snapped his neck ya dope haha

— Conor Pepper (@Conor_Pepper) June 30, 2013

@Conor_Pepper and his neck was grand flying threw buildings for weeks? Haha was so dumb

— Danny Rogers (@DannyRogers7) June 30, 2013

@DannyRogers7 superman is stronger than a building u dope haha

— Conor Pepper (@Conor_Pepper) June 30, 2013

@Conor_Pepper stronger than a building but has a chicken neck

— Danny Rogers (@DannyRogers7) June 30, 2013

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