Norwich fans debate Hughton v Lambert, Holt legend status and Bunn credentials

Opinion » Norwich fans debate Hughton v Lambert, Holt legend status and Bunn credentials

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Carrow Road
Carrow Road faithful… No relation to Marianne (Img: Jim Taylor)

Norwich City’s 4-3 win at Swansea City made it nine Premier League games unbeaten for Chris Hughton’s men, so Football Burp mosied on down to online Canaries joints The Pink ‘Un and Wrath of the Barclay to see what the Carrow Road faithful had to say. Our eye was caught by conversations concerning the respective merits of Hughton and his predecessor Paul Lambert, whether Grant Holt merits legend status yet, and the performances of stand-in goalkeeper Mark Bunn…

Chris Hughton v Paul Lambert

Malcolm Mawkin, The Pink ‘Un…

Hughton’s home record makes very good reading.

When Newcastle won the Championship Lose 0
Manager of Birmingham last season Lost 1
This season Lost 1.

Thats 2 games he has lost as manager in 2 and a half seasons at home. ( Well nearly half a season )

That says to me we have a very good manager at NCFC. Yes a lot of people were curious at the start of the season but loking at them stats they are very impressive. If we can build on that fantastic win in south wales and produce the same kind of form away from home who knows where we can go.

Friar Tuck, Wrath of the Barclay…

Nine games unbeaten… strong, resolute, playing good entertaining football, and picking up the points along the way.

I always said, when Hughton replaced Lambert, we’d got the better manager of the two.

Great to see the dissenters have gone a shade quiet.

K Lo, The Pink ‘Un…

I was just about to start a thread entitled:

“Villa – You can keep Lambert”

and they can.

What a blessing in disguise. I like Hughton a lot. Not only are his tactics coming together (and I still think that he will get better) but I like him representing the club I support. He sounds clear, intelligent, informed and well-considered. Now, hearing Lambert in his Villa interviews, he just seems to spiel out the same old line “I thought we were excellent today. I thought the lads were greeeeeeet”.

Don’t get me wrong, Lambert was by far and away the best answer to our League One status then but he wanted out and I now believe that Hughton is a better man for the job at Norwich than Lambert would have been. I’ll be honest, after drubbings by Fulham, Liverpool & Chelsea, I wasn’t so sure it was going right for him but now, well, we can all see.

SCC 28, Wrath of the Barclay…

i said after the liverpool debacle i’d give him until the wigan game to get us on track but i’ve decided 1 game early he can stay

hopefully this doesn’t mean we’ll lose now

Martin Bryant, The Pink ‘Un…

I see it as back in league 1 we needed Lambert to get down in the dirt and drag us out of it…

now we are up in the fluffy green grass rich land of the Premiership we need a sensible calm manager to keep things fine and dandy, Hughton is perfect! hopefully he has the ambition to stay a long time.. unlike Lambert who is again getting his hands dirty down in the muddy lower part of the prem ;)

gorleston girl, The Pink ‘Un…

When, talking about John Bond, and his time at Norwich, Hughton said something along the lines of: ‘If I had the chance to stay here as long as John, I would consider myself a lucky man’. This was during the early ‘challenging’ part of the season, so not many people picked up on it. I think he will be here for a while, and I don’t think we will have the ‘will he, won’t he’ nightmare every time a job comes up. I don’t think he operates that way.

Grant Holt

Beefy is a legend, The Pink ‘Un…

Can I just say that I absolutely love the guy. What a legend, a goal and 2 assists today, he just thrives on getting stick from oppo fans. He hasn’t had a glamorous role in recent weeks but he puts in a magnificent shift for the team every week, he’s strong and clever and his contribution to the last 3 years has been immense.

true NCFC legend.

and that’s enough of my bromance…

Canary Lad, The Pink ‘Un…

He is a fantastic player, and has been massive for us over the past 3 1/2 years. Even when he isn’t scoring, he’s pushing the opposition defence about and creating space for Hoolahan and the wingers. Everything about him is great, even the way nearly every opposition fan despises him.

Long live King Holt.

Houston Canary, The Pink ‘Un…

His ball handling is amazing, too. And his spot on passes are a regular part of his game that doesn’t get much notice. His goal today was a bullet!

essexcanaryOTBC, Wrath of the Barclay…

I love how what he does is deemed clever

By winning us fouls more often than not, yet other prem players are criticised for making it too obvious.

Holt (and now snoddy) seem to have got it down to an art form, and no one, except the away fans, have even noticed hehe

Martin Bryant, The Pink ‘Un…

I love what he did just before Snodgrass scored the freekick- he was walking up and down the swansea wall then shouting at them at how much free space they were letting him have.. i guess trying to distract them all.. love it!!

he is a master at winding players up to the point where they foul him (they fall for this every week it seems!)

King Holt.

star_manic, The Pink ‘Un…

…..and a swans player from the end of the wall went with him leaving the space that Snoddy scored through. must be classified as an assist

whoareyou?, The Pink ‘Un…

He’s been immense whilst we have been on this unbeaten run.

Although he hasn’t scored many, he’s created space for others to do so. He also seems to have cut out that annoying habit of looking for a free kick all the time when he would have been better to go for the ball. He plays that card less often but more effectively now.

Nexus_Canary, The Pink ‘Un…

Hes a scary one….

given the success and given the nature of the man love…. do you think Holty is on the verge of eclipsing the mighty Hucks ?!?!
I do belive Holt has become one of our modern legends, within my lifetime my mind rushes to Dublin, Sutton, Eadie, Gunny, Fleck, Chippy, Roberts, Bellamy.
However I really think as it stands #1 Hucks #2 Holt with Holty really closing fast !

Beefy is a legend, The Pink ‘Un…

No one will ever hear my decry the legend that is Hucks, but IMO Holt has achieved far more for the Club. Hucks made a huge contribution to our promotion under Worthy of course, but Holt has 2 promotions and coming toward 2 PL survival campaigns. Holt has also scored more goals and he helps the shape of the team, whereas with Hucks we really had to fit the team around him and that undoubtedly prevented us from having defensive stability during his time with us.

Two absolute legends of course, but for me Holt has achieved more, with less natural ability than the jet-heeled one.

Mark Bunn

Steve in Holland, Wrath of the Barclay…

I hope bunn settles down soon. Makes me nervous.

Huge Small, Wrath of the Barclay…

There are about 15 other Prem’ keepers who would make me more nervous

SCC 28, Wrath of the Barclay…

5 conceded in 3 games

nowhere near the class of ruddy

Brandonio, Wrath of the Barclay…

Yeah pretty poor on the 3rd goal today and lucky to get away with a couple of others

thought he looked decent before today though so might have just been the madness of the game today.

not dropped a clanger though, remember Ruddy dropped a few in the first few games he played and a few morons wrote him off.

matt in london, Wrath of the Barclay…

still unbeaten

he;s not ruddy but he’s doing ok. if he was better he might not be not sat on our bench

i wouldnt pin any of those goals on him directly anyway

ingi, Wrath of the Barclay…

Bunn’s height is the issue for me

Not that he can help that but with someone like ruddy, the defenders know that he will come for crossers and collect. When u have a keeper like Bynn, he needs more protection with set prices.

DrDublin, Wrath of the Barclay…

Can’t see what he did wrong today, great signing.

How far can Chris Hughton take Norwich? Have your say in the comments section below…


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