The best Jack Wilshere smoking jokes

A collection of the best Jack Wilshere smoking jokes after the Arsenal midfielder was pictured holding a cigarette outside a London nightclub.

Wenger in one of the best Jack Wilshere smoking jokes
Wenger looks over the jokes (Image: Twitter/Coral)

Check out our collection of the best Jack Wilshere smoking jokes after the Arsenal midfielder was pictured holding a cigarette outside a London nightclub on Wednesday.

If you haven’t seen the story yet, take a look at our smokinggate reaction.

But now it’s time for the Wilshere smoking jokes, so let’s get right to it!

Jack Wilshere in footballer smoking shocker. What's the problem? pic.twitter.com/pQEQdSG5M6

— Adam Keyworth (@adamkeyworth) October 4, 2013

TOP STORY: The Picture Arsenal don't want you to see, Jack Wilshere smoking while training. pic.twitter.com/dvXbNGJVkm

— Sly Sportz News (@SlySportzNews) October 4, 2013

Obligatory Jack Wilshere smoking picture. pic.twitter.com/1ETMsre4C0

— Like a Villas-Boas. (@likeavillasboas) October 4, 2013

Jack Wilsheres shirt for West Brom pic.twitter.com/5qUFnH83ME

— Wio (@Locowio) October 5, 2013

So what if Jack Wilshere has been caught smoking! you gonna say anything to me? pic.twitter.com/1DI5SuIxvi

— Romelu Lukaku Facts (@RomeluFacts_) October 4, 2013

People fussing over Jack Wilshere smoking a cigarette… Thats nothing!… Check out Kolo Toure!… #AFC pic.twitter.com/AMFxOwWYMv

— Wenger's Wingman (@mikesanz19) October 4, 2013

We think Wenger was a bit harsh on Jack Wilshere. Especially considering he lit this up at the press conference… pic.twitter.com/c7ddBCSIvs

— Coral (@Coral) October 4, 2013

Hahahaha, Wilshere's cigarette. pic.twitter.com/Uv7brC5joy

— D. Büttner (@Miss_United_) October 6, 2013

Wilshere was, "dared to momentarily hold the cigarette as part of a prank." Brilliant! That's what you tell your mum when you're 14!

— Iain Macintosh (@iainmacintosh) October 4, 2013

These Jack Wilshere puns are cancerous.#arsenal ??

— Mark Robinson (@robboma3) October 6, 2013

Jack Wilshere. pic.twitter.com/ehq9FjIZeD

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) October 6, 2013

Scoreless throughout both games and Jack Wilshere appears to already be out of breath. #DontSmokeKids pic.twitter.com/H5ZCUg6YBU

— KICKTV (@KICKTV) October 6, 2013

Jack Wilshere needs a cig break

— SPORTHumour (@SportHumour) October 6, 2013

"Where's the smoking area?" – Wilshere at half-time.

— Arsenal Repört (@ArsenalReport) October 6, 2013

The ref gives Wilshere a yellow and asks him to stub it out.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 6, 2013

Wilshere's had a poor half. I bet Wenger will be going menthol at him at half time.

— TheSPORTBible (@TSBible) October 6, 2013

Not sure why WBA fans booing Jack Wilshere. Out of loyalty to that anti-smoking campaign they had as a shirt sponsor in the mid-1980s?

— Sam Wallace (@SamWallaceIndy) October 6, 2013

West Brom once had a sponsor with the tagline "Winners don't smoke". Isn't that right, Jack Wilshere? 1-0 Baggies http://t.co/fAYP0CaglU

— ESPN.co.uk (@ESPNUK) October 6, 2013

Wilshere's just lit this game up!

— 101 Great Goals (@101greatgoals) October 6, 2013

Put that in your pipe & smoke it #Wilshere ??

— Toni Duggan (@T_Duggan) October 6, 2013

Wilshere, Smoking!

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 6, 2013

Jack Wilshere gets caught smoking Then scores his first goal for nearly a year Moral of the story: Smoking is good, kids

— Archie AFC (@ArchieDavies7) October 6, 2013

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