VIDEOS: Arsenal fans abuse Nasri outside the Emirates Stadium

Arsenal fans abuse Nasri outside the Emirates Stadium, before Chamakh steps in
Samir Nasri… Abused (Image: YouTube/Thierry Henry)

Arsenal fans abuse Nasri and Chamakh steps in to protect him outside the Emirates Stadium before the club’s match against Manchester City at the weekend, mobile phone footage reveals.

Branded a “traitor” as several Gunners fans turned on him, Manchester City’s Samir Nasri got an earful and was even manhandled by the angry supporters as he entered Arsenal’s ground.

Nasri left Arsenal for City in a twenty-four million pound deal over a year ago and the fans clearly bear a grudge against the player, hurling insults and swearing at the midfielder who was suspended for Sunday’s match.

Arsenal’s Moroccan striker Marouane Chamakh, currently on loan to West Ham, eventually had to intervene.

See the videos of Samir Nasri being abused by Arsenal fans below: