Zweigen Kanazawa with dummy supporters at away game
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VIDEO: Zweigen Kanazawa fan dances with dummies dressed as fellow supporters

Dolls inspire J2 League side to 2-0 win.


A Zweigen Kanazawa fan danced with dummies dressed as supporters in the stands during Saturday’s J2 League match at Avispa Fukuoka.

The dolls’ presence evidently had a positive effect on the team as they won 2-0 at the Level-5 Stadium thanks to goals in either half from Masahiro Kaneko and Towa Yamane.

インターナショナル大おバカ pic.twitter.com/J8K58lPeDi

— SA(エスエー)@調整中 (@zuckrsalz) November 16, 2019

Based in the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, Zweigen currently lie 10th in their division after 41 fixtures played this season.